DVDs Or Death!

I wanted to start a new thing here at R2D2, where I briefly discuss the upcoming DVDs of the week (though typically before Tuesday if I can help it...). So yeah, here I go.


Brief Synopsis: Monster Movie. Shaky Cam. All About The Characters.

Comments: This is probably the big one of the week. There's no special edition, just a normal 1 disc box. However, as this movie totally rocked in theater (and I totally missed the creature dropping into the water at the end the first time around), I'm totally getting this.

Viewing Option: Buy.

The Orphanage.

Brief Synopsis: Spanish. Ghost Story. Psychological Thriller.

Comments: Saw it in theater, as well, and loved it. Again, there just seems to be a 1 disc box for this one. But I totally less-than-three this movie.

Viewing Option: Buy.

The Savages.

Brief Synopsis: Quirky Indie Movie About Family.

Comments: Haven't seen it, but I've heard good things. Again, normal 1 disc box. Might check it out.

Viewing Option: Rent.

One Missed Call.

Brief Synopsis: J-Horror Remake. Death Calls Cell Phones. People Die.

Comments: Didn't see it in theater, and from what I've heard, that's a good thing. 1 disc box.

Viewing Option: Wait for TV (if at all).

My Boy Jack.

Brief Synopsis: Rudyard Kipling's Son. War Drama.

Comments: It's Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in a war drama. I like seeing the HP gang in other movies (Rupert Grint's Driving Lessons is amazing). 1 disc. Wouldn't mind checking this one out.

Viewing Option: Rent.

Charlie Wilson's War.

Brief Synopsis: Behind-The-Scenes Of War.

Comments: This looked... okay... from the trailers. It didn't really excite me though. 1 disc.

Viewing Option: Rent or TV... don't really care either way.


  1. Charlie Wilson's War deserves more than a rent!

    The script is amazingly well written and you can't go wrong with Tom Hanks and Phillip Seymour Hoffman!


  2. I like the brevity of this feature - a good idea for a DVD feature unless it's about films we haven't realyl heard about.

    I have no qualms with any of your ratings, either. I really liked The Orphanagi, but I doubt I'll be buying it, though. Just doesn't seem like a movie I'm gonna want to watch over and over again...

  3. Totally digging the whole brevity thing here. I like the layout of this "Now on DVD" recap.

    I agree w/ baby that CWW is a solid rent, though owning for repeat viewings may not be wise. If you like either Hanks or Hoffman, it's a must see for them alone.

    I'd put Savages on the low end of the rental Q, but that's just me.

  4. Totally agree...

    I need to get my hands on both Cloverfield and El Ofo!


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