DVDs Or Death!

I'm being lazy today, but let's do this! DVDs Or Death!


Brief Synopsis: Some Christian Movie About Firefighters And Marriage.

Comments: Just the (actual) premise of the movie makes me wanna gag. And the insanely awful acting from the trailer didn't help. Nor did Kirk Cameron.

Viewing Option: Skip (or burn... who's fireproof now?!).


Brief Synopsis: It's Guy Ritchie, So... I Really Have No Idea.

Comments: But I wanna see it. Looks like some good dark comedy with some brutal action. It's on my Netflix already.

Viewing Option: Rent.

Pride And Glory.

Brief Synopsis: Colin Farrell And Edward Norton Are Cops. Or Something. I Really Don't Know (Or Care).

Comments: Despite two good actors (well, one good, one awesome), the movie got awful reviews, and I really never cared enough to see it in theater even before I read the reviews. But I'd still like to watch it eventually if just for the two leads. So, yeah...

Viewing Option: T.V.

Lakeview Terrace.

Brief Synopsis: Sam Jackson Is A Crooked Cop And A Really Terrible Neighbor.

Comments: This actually appealed to me... but again, got awful (like... terribly awful) reviews. I still might check it out, though.

Viewing Option: Rent.

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