Film Production Diary: Day 2.

Today went so much more smoothly. We were meant to film 4 scenes today, and we filmed all 4 scenes. I learned from yesterday's issues. Instead of cue cards, I just fed them lines if they didn't remember, and I'll edit it from there. The acting was decent, the action was good... it's going good.

I also filmed a couple things during some classes today, as well.

But I'm still gonna have to hustle if I'm gonna finish before Christmas.

I also did a bit of experimental filming, using a cart to rush down the hallway, then do a 180 around the actor as he stops and then continues running forward.

Though had a bit of an issue at the end. The main guy had to borrow my cell phone for a scene, but then forgot to give it back before he left (he was in a rush). So I had to call my phone and have him come back to the school to get it back to me.

But otherwise... good day.

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