LAMBTrax #1: Paycheck.

Hello readers. I just posted this to the LAMB, but I'm posting it here, as well, for those of you who are readers to my blog but aren't LAMBs. I recently recorded (with two others) a little something...

So what do we have?

I introduce to you... LAMBTrax, where we make good fun of "bad" movies... as the movie's playing! Fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Or perhaps the more recent RiffTrax (of the same people)? Well... I apologize for our poor-man's version, but hey... we tried.

And who is we?

I was joined by fellow LAMBs...

*Mike Mendez of Big Mike's Movie Blog
*Travis McCollum of The Movie Encyclopedia

And together we, very amateurishly, decided to riff on a movie.

And what is this movie?

We decided (OK, so we started with my choice) to go with the great Ben Affleck masterpiece... Paycheck!

So what do you need to do?

Well, you can subscribe via our PodOmatic site here. You could also subscribe via iTunes. Or you could just listen to us at the bottom of this post. But, of course, you'll need a copy of the movie, as well. Before you start playing the LAMBTrax, have the DVD set to the main menu with the volume at a bearable level (so to hear us and the movie). During our audio, we'll give you a tone (a bleating lamb) to signal you to hit play. Make sure to hit play right when the tone goes and not wait for the end of the tone, or else you'll be out of sync with the audio.

Now, this being our first attempt, it's a bit rough. Obviously, we learned from our mistakes and learned from each other for future episodes. Our jokes start off slow, but eventually pick up... because, hey, we don't want to hit y'all with a wallop of awesome right from the get-go, right? You'd probably die of a heart attack or something. And our timing is a bit rough (I believe all 3 of us started at different times, so for a little while at the beginning of the movie, some of the jokes might not match up with what's on the screen. But not for long, as we all pretty much re-sync with each other within the first 10 minutes or so).

All that being said, it was a totally fun experience, and I think we made a great first episode. If you have Paycheck, or can get a hold of a copy, please sit back, relax, and listen to three guys make fun of it for 2 hours.

And talk a lot about balls.

Note: LAMBTrax has been brought to you by Coke. Enjoy!

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