Top 5 Best Will Ferrell Comedic Movie Moments.

I was recently involved in a discussion about Will Ferrell and his brand of comedy, particularly in comparison to how well his next film might be received--particularly since it's in Spanish. For all intents and purposes, Mr. Ferrell does the same character in almost every movie. There are plenty of people out there who love his silliness, but there are just as many who are annoyed by him. Frankly, he's not a draw for me unless he's doing something out of the ordinary for him. Case in point, I believe Stranger Than Fiction is arguably his best film. And yes, I probably will also see his Spanish flick. But out of all the comedies he's done so far, what are his best moments? That's what I'm here to count down. And no, I'm not including his dramedies like Stranger Than Fiction. Sorry.

Top 5 Best Will Ferrell Comedic Movie Moments

5) Wedding Crashers - Meatloaf

Info: This was a surprise cameo appearance as one of the greatest wedding crashers who ever lived. But now, he's living at home and crashing funerals instead.

Favorite Line: "I almost num-chucked you. You don't even realize!"

Clip: It's not available for embedding, so click here.

4) Step Brothers - Interviewing

Info: The step-brothers go out job hunting in tuxedos and have some wacky adventures due to their social idiocies.

Favorite Line: "Shut your mouth. Shut your... shut shut... shut your mouth."


3) Talladega Nights - Baby Jesus

Info: Ricky Bobby and his family pray over a dinner of pizza and chicken, and Ricky has an affinity to praying to baby Jesus... and saying other inappropriate things during the prayer.

Favorite Line: "Dear, 8 pound, 6 oz, newborn infant Jesus, don't even know a word yet, just a little infant and so cuddly, but still omnipotent..."


2) Austin Powers - Mustafa's Death

Info: Mustafa is blamed for Mr. Bigglesworth's balding, so he's sent to his death. Unfortunately, things don't go so well...

Favorite Line: "You shot me! You shot me right in the arm!"

Clip: Again, no embedding. Click here.

1) Anchorman - I Love Lamp/Afternoon Delight

Info: While discussing love, Brick shares what he loves around the room... which leads Ron to tell them what love is really like.

Favorite Line: "I Love Lamp!" (Really, what else?)

Clips: I couldn't find them together, but I did find them separately, despite the fact one follows the other. So here you go:

Honorable Mention: Step Brothers - Sweet Child O' Mine

Info: I didn't include it because Will Ferrell isn't in the scene. But it's a pretty funny moment from Step Brothers. Though I tend to like pointless, completely random song moments (hence my #1 choice).

Favorite Line: "Flat. So flat, I can't even... you don't even look good while you're doing it... the worst thing I've ever heard. 12 hundred dollars a week for voice lessons, and this is what I get? Alright, I'm gonna save it with a solo."



  1. For a long time I preferred Ferrell as a supporting player and not the lead, but perhaps I need to give his later roles a chance.

  2. Awesome post!

    The interview montage in STEPBROTHERS is hilarous, but my absolute favorite Ferrell moment is when he tells his mom: "Robert better not get in my face, 'cuz I will drop that motherfucker."

    Also loved him as Jesus in SUPERSTAR!

  3. Can't go wrong with any of the several choices from Anchorman. Ferrell is off and on for me, but when he's on, he's absolute money.

  4. Glad to see the Meatloaf make the list, it would have discredited it for me if it didn't ;) From Step Brothers, I would probably have picked the bunk bed scene.

  5. I haven't seen STEP BROTHERS... but this makes me wanna ... love ANCHORMAN tho... "I love lamp"

  6. Step Brothers is very idiotic, and it will make you feel like you've lost some IQ after it's over... but I just couldn't help but laugh throughout.

  7. For Stepbrothers, you could've used the Boats n Ho's song. It's pretty funny.

    Or "This house is a prison! On planet bullshit! In the galaxy of This sucks!" (I'm paraphrasing, I don't remember the exact quote)


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