60/60 Extra: Salò, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom.

It's very rare a movie can make me feel like this. I can only think of one other time in recent memory, actually. Made in 1975 (and subsequently banned in many countries), Salò is an updated adaptation based on the book by the Marquis de Sade and tells the tale of four fascists who kidnap a bunch of boys and girls (who may or may not be 18) and take them to an off-the-map mansion outside the city of Salò. While there, they must follow specific rules or pay the consequences. Long story short, the boys and girls are there to be raped and tortured for 120 days until their ultimate demise. Think of it like Hostel meets 2 Girls/1 Cup as directed by a 70s gay porn director who is trying his hardest to be arrested for every kind of sexual/taboo crime imaginable. And then put it in Italian.

The movie is nearly 2 hours of deplorable activity. I mean, it starts with rape and works its way down the gutter from there. And the worst part is that the film isn't even focused on the point of view of the victims, but of those doing the deed--and they're happy and turned on by everything. This truly has it all: rape (gay, straight, regular, and anal), public humiliation, urination, scat (eating and somewhat bathing), stories of pedophilia (among most of the other things already mentioned), mental and physical torture (including burning, scalping, whipping, and the cutting-off of things), and eventual murder. And that's not even everything. You might be wondering, if you read my recent review on Visitor Q, why some of this stuff bothered me this time and not that time. It's a mix of the situations these characters are in and the tone the movie sets up. In Visitor Q, it was like a very bizarre, pornographic, absurdly taboo cartoon. In here, the situation is set up as realistic, as if this actually happened--mix that with the fact that all of the stuff done in this movie is done in the tone that it excites these people and is seen as a good thing. There are exceptions to that, though--you do see the victims upset and wanting out of this man-made Hell. And at the end, some of the adults have even had enough and know how evil things are.

This review will be short. There's absolutely no redeemable quality to this movie. There's no plot. Characters don't really change or evolve. It's just 2 hours of ultimate depravity. I cannot recommend this movie under any circumstances. By the end, I was actually sick to my stomach (and I still am, as I write this review). And that's a total rarity when it comes to watching movies for me.

She's Gone From Suck To Blow!

(P.S. Not to be childish, but the pun of that rating and this movie are totally coincidental.)

(P.P.S. Not to continue being childish, but I honestly did not purposefully plan this review to go up on 6/9.)


  1. You're a braver man than me. I know it's meant to be a "classic", but I've never felt much of a desire to see SALO. I had a friend who had to watch it for a film studies class a few weeks ago, and she was visibly shaken afterwards.

    It's meant to be saying something about fascism isn't it? Does it even work on that allegorical level?

  2. It is supposed to say something about fascism, but I honestly don't care enough to delve that deep and think about it. I've read some things where some people don't believe it says anything, some that say it does... I don't know. Don't really care, either. It's just... indescribable.

    Like I said, there's not much that can bother me when it comes to movies. I've practically seen it all. But this one just... I don't know. It was too much.

  3. It took me about a week to get over watching Salo. I had almost the identical reaction you did.

    This film represents the first and only time I have ever physically gagged while watching a film.

  4. Thanks for the recommend - can't wait to check it out!!

    Haha...right. You're a nut for putting this on your list (apparently...my virgin ears hadn't heard of it until recently). Better you than me, I say.

    I can see why Kung Fu Panda 2 was up next. Needed some cleansing, eh?


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