The Vlog - S3.9: Jess' Version.

Here's episode S3.9.

If you don't have a knowledge of the previous Story Time episode, I'd strongly recommend going back to watch that one first. This episode is an alternate take on "Rachel's Version," so that the situations will be the same (actually the first "act" is almost exactly the same), but the dialogue and whatnot is a bit different (for the rest). The idea for this was that there's some kind of discontent between Rachel and Jess that happened a long time ago, but both of them remember how it happened differently (in the end blaming the other for the events). In other words, knowing/remembering "Rachel's Version" will help with the understanding and jokes of "Jess' Version." Of the two versions, I actually just slightly prefer this one, only because of the last 30 seconds and 2 lines given within that 30 seconds (one of which is, to me, this season's "mind penis" line... it's my favorite). Randomly, you might have noticed that neither this episode nor the previous Story Time were labeled as such. It was a mistake with Rachel's Version, but I carried it over to this one with the idea that "Nick" didn't title the former, as he wouldn't know there'd actually be more than one version. But the next Story Time after this is labeled, and it will be the last one. That being said... enjoy!

NOTE: For some reason, YouTube is being weird with the embedding. If the video is not loading for you here, click here and watch it straight from the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. I love the juxtaposition of Tom's relatively somber, straightforward acting with Sebastian letting it ALL hang out.

    "...special BOND!"

    I also enjoyed seeing a bit of magic when Seb disappeared.

    This shit's getting crazy.

    Oh, and I'd forgotten all of my lines. I feel like an actor who made a movie 9 months ago and barely recalls being in it.

  2. haha, yeah... the difference in acting styles is great.

    The bit where Sebgutz disappears was just an editing problem. He flubbed his line and stepped off camera to look at it. But he started saying the line before he was completely back on camera. And that's the only take I got (he literally gave me EVERYTHING for both Rachel's and Jess' Versions in one long 12+ minute single take... there's a lot for the blooper reel).

    The next Story Time, though, will go down in history.

    And you recorded this like, what, almost 3 months ago? And it was nothing major compared to some of the other things you had to do. Not a big surprise you can't remember.

  3. So no matter which version is the "real" version, someone made a "Room" reference! Awesome!!

    Actually, I think I like the line "YOU ARE TEARING ME APART!" better, so for that fact only, I hope Jess' version is the correct one.

    And I can't wait to see where all this goes.

  4. Can't watch it. Won't load. Youtube being a bitch. send help!

  5. Jason: Indeed!

    Sebastian: Yeah, I have no idea WTF is up with that. I added the link to the post. It works from the actual YouTube page, so try there.

  6. The weirdest thing about this season to me is how clueless (the fictional version of) Nick is. How long is he going to let Wrinkles or whoever keep pulling the strings!?

  7. Tom: Haha, indeed. I'd say now (with episode 10), it's starting to be more that he's not really clueless as he just doesn't care. He figures that there's something happening, but Story Time is too popular for him to risk getting rid of (not to mention he wouldn't have a roommate if he got rid of Wrinkles).


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