The Demented Commentary #2: Season 5 (The Vlog).

Hey guys and gals... I'm sorry this took so long to get out. We actually recorded this weeks ago, but I was having trouble both with my computer and with getting it online. But I finally got it done.

So this is the Season 5 Commentary Track for The Vlog. I was joined by Sebastian Gutierrez, Dylan Fields, Jason Soto, and Tom Clift. We had a really fun time recording this. So if you'd like to hear a little inside, behind-the-scenes scoop of how and/or why things were done the way they were, as well as hear all of our reactions and thoughts on the events of this final season (and just be silly and goof off), please listen and enjoy!

This has been split into four 20-25 minute parts for your viewing ease.

PART 1: EPISODES 1-4 (Silent/Noir)

PART 2: EPISODES 5-8 (Zombie/Musical)

PART 3: EPISODES 9-11 (Adventure/Finale Part 1)

PART 4: EPISODE 12 (Finale Part 2)

(Note: This part was originally recorded within the Part 3 chunk, but I had to cut it in half for it to upload right. So the conversation that begins here is just in response to how the last part ended.)

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