Off Topic: Apologies.

Just wanted to update by apologizing and saying I have nothing to update with right now. Sorry for not having anything since this past weekend, but this week is proving to be quite busy. Tomorrow (2/20) is my birthday, and I don't even have time to celebrate it (I'll actually be working until 7 PM. The previous year was similar, in which I had classes from about 8 AM to 9:15 PM). I have 5 classes (4 of which are online, which means a lot more reading is involved. And 3 of my classes are already Reading classes, one of which has me reading about 6 books in and of itself. Another is a humanities class with another 6 books or so. Ironically, I'm actually rather caught up and/or ahead with those two classes. The fifth class, if you were curious, is a communications class)... and I have a job. I have Tuesdays off from work because I have my one face-to-face class then, but the professor was sick so I had the day off... and I worked on homework the entire day, and I *maybe* hit the halfway mark, but probably not, on what I have left for this week (just for it to reset on Sunday and start all over again).

On top of that, I have to take the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) test this Saturday... which is basically a qualifying test so I can become teaching certified. I have to take a Content test at some point, too, but I'm not worried about that at the moment. And I also still need another 21 hours of Observation to do before the semester ends.

I think once I have this dang test behind me, the load will start to lighten off of me... Spring Break can't come fast enough. As for right now, somebody hold me...


  1. It's 20th right now (in the UK) so happy birthday! ;)

  2. Ok, I'm 12 minutes late (Arizona time), but Happy Birthday!

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