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This page is for book reviews and all the articles and other things I've discussed that don't fall under TV and movie reviews.


Book Reviews

30 Day TV Meme
Day 01 - An Unfairly Canceled Show (Dead Like Me)
Day 02 - A Show Needing More Viewers (Greek)
Day 03 - Favorite New Show From This Past Season (Glee)
Day 04 - Favorite Show of All Time (Boy Meets World)
Day 05 - A Show I Hate (Dancing With The Stars)
Day 06 - Favorite Episode of My Favorite Show ("And Then There Was Shawn")
Day 07 - Least Favorite Episode of My Favorite Show ("On The Fence")
Day 08 - A Show Everyone Should Watch (Glee)
Day 09 - Best Scene Ever ("Bohemian Rhapsody" - Glee)
Day 10 - A Show I Thought I'd Hate But Ended Up Loving (Battlestar Galactica)
Day 11 - A Show That Disappointed Me (Leverage)
Day 12 - An Episode I’ve Watched More Than 5 Times ("Road to Rhode Island" - Family Guy)
Day 13 - Favorite Childhood Show (Power Rangers)
Day 14 - Favorite Male Character (Eric/Cappie/Lafayette/Spike/Dexter)
Day 15 - Favorite Female Character (Sue Sylvester)
Day 16 - My Guilty Pleasure Show (iCarly)
Day 17 - Favorite Mini-Series (Harper's Island)
Day 18 - Favorite Title Sequence (Jack of all Trades)
Day 19 - Best TV Show Cast (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Day 20 - Favorite Kiss (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Day 21 - Favorite Relationship (from Gilmore Girls)
Day 22 - Favorite Series Finale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Day 23 - Most Annoying Character (from Dexter)
Day 24 - Best Quote (from Greek)
Day 25 - A Show I Plan on Re-Watching (Dexter)
Day 26 - Biggest Season Finale Shocker (from Dexter)
Day 27 - Best Pilot Episode (Glee)
Day 28 - First Show Obsession (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Day 29 - Current Show Obsession (True Blood)
Day 30 - Saddest Character Death (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

2008 End-Of-Year Lists
-Best/Worst Spectacular

2009 End-Of-Year Lists
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #1 - Comedies
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #2 - Dramas
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #3 - Animated Films
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #4 - Sci-Fi/Fantasy
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #5 - Horror
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #6 - Foreign
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #7 - Musicals
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #8 - Action/Thrillers
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #9 - Decade Specials
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #10 - Oscar Winners
-Ultimate Top 10 Countdown of the 2000s #11 - Years
-A Little More...

Five Great Things About...
-Joss Whedon
-Keanu Reeves

Odyssey: The Remix - Film Production Diary
-Day 1
-Day 2
-Day 3
-Day 4
-Day 5
-Day 6
-Day 7
-Day 8
-Day 9
-Odyssey: The Remix Trailer
-Day 10
-Day 11
-Day 12
-Odyssey: The Remix Movie + Bloopers

Romeo & Juliet: The Remix
-The Movie, Bloopers, and Notes

Thoughts On...
-Deadpool Spin-off
-Original Indiana Jones Trilogy
-Original Star Wars Trilogy
-Romantic Comedies

Top 5/Top 10 Lists
-Aw, Why'd They Have To Die?
-Celebrity Cameos
-Favorite B-Movie One-Liners
-Favorite Narcissistic Characters
-Favorite Original Movie Characters
-Favorite Romantic Comedies
-Favorite Sports Films
-Favorite Time Travel Movies
-Favorite Tree Moments
-Guilty Pleasure Movies
-Jim Carrey Movies
-Most Anticipated Movies For The Rest Of The Year (2010)
-Random Dance Scenes
-Saddest Animal-Related Moments In Film
-Shocking Moments Involving Male Genitalia
-Twist Endings
-Up-And-Coming Young Actors
-Up-And-Coming Young Actresses
-Worst Things About Harry Potter Films 1-5

Why Haven't They Made This Yet
-#1: Metroid
-#2: Super Mario Bros. (Reboot)
-#3: Labyrinth (Remake)

Other Articles
-5 Possible Musicals Based On Non-Musical Films
-10 Possible Movie Character Spin-Offs
-10 Years, 10 Great Screenplays
-Bad Movies. Bad Memory. Fun Times.
-Exhaustive List Of The Harry Potter Books Versus The Films, The
-Great Opening Scenes
-Hollywood Darwinism: What Makes An Adaptation Good?
-I Respect You, Doug Jones
-James Cameron Formula, The: Why'd We Expect Any Different?
-Obsessive Characters
-Uwe Boll... Root Of All Evil?
-Video Game Movies: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly