DVDs Or Death!

I almost forgot (and/or was too busy with... um... stuff) about this... which is ironic considering one of our few titles this week. I'm getting very close to wanting to pick the latter part of the title for DVDs Or Death!

Iron Man.

Brief Synopsis: Weapons Manufacturer Gets Change Of Heart (Literally) And Becomes Superhero.

Comments: One of the best movies of the summer, Iron Man is finally coming to DVD. The only negatives about this movie, to me, were the subpar climax and the female lead. Otherwise, this movie was awesome.

Viewing Option: Buy (like everyone else).

Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Brief Synopsis: Girl Breaks Up With Guy, Then Both End Up In Hawaii.

Comments: It's a Judd Apatow vehicle, but it only got so-so reviews. Didn't see it in theater, but I'll end up checking it out at some point, anyway.

Viewing Option: Rent.

Taxi To The Darkside.

Brief Synopsis: Documentary About U.S. Torture In Middle East.

Comments: Got a lot of recognition, obviously. I've been getting more and more into documentaries lately, so I might check it out.

Viewing Option: Rent or TV.


  1. While I respect your opinion, I must say that you're wrong when you tell people to just rent Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That film is bloody brilliant. I could watch it a hundred more times.

  2. 2nd that. You'll end up buying FSM, as will I. Damn funny from start to finish, and Brand is a revelation, in a role that I thought would annoy the hell outta me.

  3. Blake: I'm not telling people what to do with these movies. I'm saying what *I'm* gonna do with these movies. I thought that was rather obvious. Because, seriously, how can I tell somebody to buy/rent/watch on tv when I haven't even seen it?

  4. I see. Sorry man. I thought you were throwing out suggestions.

  5. No love for Paltrow? I thought she was good in Iron Man. A good partner to Downey.

    But what do I know. I'm just an Evil Clown.


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