*Sigh* P-P-P-Please Robert...

Almost a year ago now, I wrote a review on the 80s classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In it, I stated the following:

"The animation is seamless. This movie couldn’t have been made today, because they would have mucked it up with crappy CGI that wouldn’t have worked right. This animation is timeless because everything is meant to look the way it does. They’re supposed to be cartoons that look ripped out of their era, not 3D models that look realistic with the real world. And the interaction between real world and cartoon world is perfect, as well. The movie’s mix of live action and animation will never go out of style or look like crappy special effects unlike most movies. And if my word isn’t enough, the movie won three Oscars, two of which were for Best Visual Effects and Best Editing (the other was Best Sound Effects Editing)."

Well... let's just get down to it. According to Robert Zemeckis, who directed the movie...

"I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability--the digital tools, performance capture--I'm starting to think about 'Roger Rabbit.'"

Le sigh.

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