New 60/60 Extras Added.

If y'all haven't noticed yet, I decided to do quite a bit of research over the last couple days and put up all my planned 60/60 Extras for the rest of the year. The hardest was Hitchcock month, which is the next one I'm most excited about. There are just so many that sound excellent.

Now, including all the Extras, there are exactly 100 films on the 60/60 List (which is kinda funny considering one of the 60's stands for '60 Movies'). I don't know if I'm gonna stick to all of those Extras. We've already seen in the last couple months where I've had to drop a couple planned extras due to time constraints. But as of right now, this is what I have planned.

Anyway, I know they're off to the left sidebar, but I thought I'd just go ahead and share here, too, what these Extras are and why I chose some of them:

May 2011 - "What A Twist!" Month

Extras: Laura, Les Diaboliques, Primal Fear, and Haute Tension.
Info: It was really hard searching for movies with twists without being spoiled. Of all the movies of this month, I know the twists of at least half of them (Laura being spoiled while I was trying to find films for this month). I chose Haute Tension because I've been wanting to see it for years, and despite already knowing the twist, I've heard it's a crazy movie. And it'll lead perfectly into the following month.

June 2011 - "WTF" Month

Extras: Eraserhead, Salo, Irreversible, and I Spit On Your Grave
Info: Even Jason thinks I'm gonna need therapy after this month. I will admit, I might be going too far putting such films in such close proximity to each other. But the month calls for it! I had to have at least one Lynch film. Salo is considered one of the most disturbing films ever made. Irreversible joined the list after a couple discussions in previous podcasts, and the last one... well, I've heard things. And I'm going with the original in this case, not the recent remake.

July 2011 - "Hitchcock" Month

Extras: Psycho, The Birds, Strangers on a Train
Info: Like I said, this is gonna be probably my favorite month, or at least the month I'm most excited for. And it's the only month in this entire project dedicated to a single director. I knew I needed Psycho and The Birds on this list, as they're pure classics. It was the last spot that was hardest to fill in. I think it was a choice between that one, Rebecca, Notorious, Dial M For Murder, and The Trouble With Harry. I chose the one I did because I love perfect crime stories, and it sounded the most interesting to me.

August 2011 - "Crime" Month Part 1

Extras: The French Connection, The Hot Rock, Murder on the Orient Express, The Great Train Robbery, and Bonnie and Clyde
Info: I'm gonna be sick of crime movies after September, but at least I've split up the types. August is heist/detective/cops kinda crime movies. Orient Express was the first I wanted, even without doing research. The others just followed suit. The Hot Rock I hadn't heard of before, but it sounded like a lot of fun, so I added it to the list.

September 2011 - "Crime" Month Part 2

Extras: The Untouchables, Carlito's Way, Casino
Info: This crime month deals more with gangsters/mobsters/mafia. I already had the essentials down for this month, but a few more essentials I hadn't yet are now Extras on this list. They just felt like the most obvious choices.

October 2011 - "Horror" Month

Extras: Dead Alive, The Changeling, and The Lost Boys
Info: The one that barely missed the list was the original The Haunting. Jason helped me figure this month out, too, though I already knew I wanted The Changeling. It was a tricky month because I wanted more serious horror films in this month to counter some of the sillier fare I already chose. Unfortunately, I had already seen almost all of them! So I was left with what I have here.

November 2011 - "What's Left - Heavy" Month

Extras: Brokeback Mountain and Boogie Nights
Info: I've been wanting to see both for a while. I didn't get to Brokeback during western month. I forgot about Boogie Nights when I probably could have done it earlier. So both are going here.

December 2011 - "What's Left - Light" Month

Extras: Dazed and Confused and Swingers
Info: No, I've not seen either. But they're on here now. 'Nuff said.

So those are all my new Extras. Thoughts? Complaints? Suggestions?


  1. Sorry if I was that dude who spoiled Laura. In my defense, I did put a spoiler warning at the top of the review.

    I wish you chose Notorious for one of your Hitchcock extras, but the ones you got are really good.

    Also, cool to see you'll be checking out The Great Train Robbery. Not really a great film, but a nice little piece of film history.

  2. Don't worry, James! It wasn't you who spoiled. It was a website listing a bunch of movies with twists, and it was like... in the first sentence about the movie. That annoyed me.

  3. Has Primal Fear been spoiled for you? I hope not, 'cause it's a good one. Solid crime thrilled, though it's gonna look wildly dated to you already. Plays like it was made in 85 or something.

    Have fun w/ Eraserhead. Just...yeah.


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