60/60 Extra: Dead Alive.

It was a shock to a handful of people that I'd never seen this movie... which isn't entirely true. I'd seen at least part of the lawnmower scene! Anyway, despite having known about this movie since I was a wee lad, it turns out I didn't know much of anything about this movie (story-wise), as I thought it was something totally different than what it turned out to be. Lionel (Timothy Balme) is a momma's boy to the extreme, doing anything and everything for his mum (Elizabeth Moody) to make sure she stays happy. But when a young woman named Paquita (Diana Penalver) starts to take an interest in him, he begins to get conflicted. However, while spying on one of their dates, Lionel's mother gets bitten by a rat-monkey from Skull Island (yes, that Skull Island) that infects her until she dies and reanimates as a zombie. She eventually infects others as well until everything culminates into a massacre at their house.

Also for those unaware, this was actually directed by none other than Peter Jackson (I did know that one). So the film does have some chops behind it. Strangely, however, I felt the visual style was reminiscent of Sam Raimi (or possibly early Tim Burton at times). It had a very Raimi feel to it, though, with the gore and gross-out factor.

And holy crap is this movie heavy on the gross and gore. Granted, it's done in a cheesy, insanely over-the-top way... but that doesn't stop it from being the goriest movie ever made (a title which I still believe it holds). I knew it had a lot of blood and gross things, but I honestly didn't expect what I got. It's really not for those with a weak stomach, as even I thought I was going to get queasy once or twice.

There are also some fantastic moments in this film. The climax in and of itself is masterful, and you can tell how it's a classic bit. But even some lines throughout are hilarious in their absurdity. My favorites in particular are "I kick ass for the Lord!" and "Your mother ate my dog!" It's not all blood and guts, though. There's a sweet romance at the core of the film, and you really want Lionel and Piquita to end up together.

Overall, if you like horror/comedies or you're a gore-hound... you've most likely already seen this. But in the off chance you haven't, definitely check it out. It's fantastically cheesy, gross, disgusting, and awesome all at the same time. I know I didn't say anything too deep about this film, but there's not all that much you can say. It's one of those films you'll either really dig or really won't... and for very simple reasons. But me? I dug it... quite a bit.

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  1. No doubt about it, this is one bloody film. And it's entirely awesome - Peter Jackson's skill with the camera, and with the editing machine, is on display here, and he rocks it!

    Great review, too, by the way. Should also point out to your readers that they need to beware of the inferior US version, which cuts a few minutes of excess gore and carnage from Jackson's original version.

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