The Demented Podcast #26 - The Chainsaw Is His Penis.

What a better way to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of DemPod than with Jason Soto? He, Steve, and I have a blast talking about slashers with 2 films that... well... aren't really slashers. On board first is an Italian crime drama (and/or giallo) called Blood and Black Lace. Then we take on the film that brought Christian Bale to the forefront--American Psycho.

After that, we play The Tower, and I must say it's one of my favorite Tower stories that we've done in a long time. But besides that, how does Jason do? Well... listen to find out!

Current Tower Leaderboard
1) Dan - 164 Points
2) Steve - 133 Points
3) Tom - 105 Points
4) Scott - 97 Points
5) Alan - 86 Points

Current/Previous Battle Royale Champions
(BR2) Dylan Fields - 114 Points
(BR1) Rachel Thuro - 171 Points

You can listen to this episode on the player below or by subscribing through iTunes.

That being said, enjoy! Thanks goes out to Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website for great, royalty-free music. And thanks to Google for helping me find a website that will give me free video game audio samples.

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