Update: The Demented Podcast.

So you might be wondering to yourself... "Where the hell is the latest episode of The Demented Podcast? Shouldn't it have been up like... a week ago?" Well, yes. I apologize. I had a busy weekend last weekend and never had the chance to edit the episode and get it put up. Unfortunately, the same thing is going to happen this weekend, it seems. I shall try my hardest to get it put up as soon as humanly possible... hopefully before next weekend, even.

"But Nick," you say, "won't that mess with the schedule for the Battle Royale that should be coming out?" I'm glad you asked. You see, due to an insane amount of scheduling conflicts from all the contestants, we won't be able to get the next Battle Royale recorded until early June.

"What does that mean for the next regular episode?" The current plan is actually to go ahead and record Episode 41 immediately prior to the Battle Royale, and then do the BR. The scheduling will be a bit wonky, but I'll somehow make it work.

"So..." you begin, slightly befuddled. "When can I expect new episodes again?" Like I said, I'll hopefully get you this last episode (#39) sometime early next week. However, after that, you probably won't get a new episode until early-to-mid June, most likely. So I guess consider this an unplanned hiatus-type thing. Again, I apologize. It's completely my fault. Just keep an eye out for the next episode soon, and thank you for sticking with us!

P.S. Is this a bad time to ask for a nomination for the LAMMY awards? Right... thought so. (Though it sure would be swell!)


  1. We demand more episodes NOW!!!!!

    Or, whenever you can. Though I do miss having your new eps on my iPod to listen to.

  2. So...any updates on this bad boy? I'm starting to forget what we talked about.

  3. At the rate I'm at, expect it Friday/Saturday midnight.


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