V.G. Movies #24: D.O.A.: Dead Or Alive.

[Welcome back to the Evolution of Video Game Movies series. Every week, I will be moving forward through time, starting with the earliest and ending with the most recent of video game movies. I will be detailing the histories of the games and how the films came about, and both my and fan reaction to the adaptations. Practically all of my background information is either common knowledge or from Wikipedia. So without further ado, let's move on to the next film on the list.]


I'm gonna be on vacation this week, so I'm gonna make this easy on myself (and males and/or anyone attracted to females, you can thank me later). There's a fighting game series and a beach volleyball series. So here's all you need to know about the games:


Since it won't embed, please click here for all you need to know about the movie. And that about covers it. Silly action. Lots of cheesiness. Exactly what you'd expect it to be. Oh yeah, and boobs and sex appeal. Lots and lots of boobs and sex appeal.

A Hot Mess

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