DVDs Or Death!

Haven't done one in a while, so let's get at it. DVDs Or Death!

Zombie Strippers.

Brief Synopsis: Like Snakes On A Plane, I Think The Title Is Clear Enough.

Comments: Jenna Jameson + Zombies + Strippers? Doesn't that sound like a recipe for success! Well... at the very least, it'd be B-Movie fun. That is, if it hadn't just been done... by Robert Rodriguez... in Planet Terror. Or if you replace zombies with vampires, you could compare it to From Dusk Til Dawn or even Devil's Den.

Viewing Option: T.V.

Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Brief Synopsis: Again... Read The Title.

Comments: Purposefully skipped it in theater... that can only mean one thing!

Viewing Option: Skip (or T.V., possibly).

Kitt Kittridge - An American Girl.

Brief Synopsis: I Really Think We Need More Inventive Titles.

Comments: See previous movie's comments.

Viewing Option: Skip.

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  1. In Planet Terror, Cherry Darling was a Go-Go Dancer. There's a difference!

    I saw Zombie Strippers in theaters and was glad I did (perfect date movie) but yeah it is not something one needs to re-watch. Or pay for. I haven't seen From Dusk Til Dawn yet but I've slotted it in for Halloween viewing and am very excited!


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