New: The Room Short Review + LAMBcast #4.

I posted a Short Review for The Room in the MOVIES section.

And just in time for LAMBcast #4! I'm not in this episode, though. It's a mini episode dealing with The Room, one of the worst movies ever made.

The episode is run by LAMBcast regulars:

* Fletch of Blog Cabins
* Tom Clift of 
Plus Trailers and
* Jason Soto of 
Invasion of the B Movies.

Additional sites mentioned during the podcast:
The Room's Wikipedia page
Entertainment Weekly: The Crazy Cult of The Room

You can catch the episode on iTunes, or listen to the widget in the sidebar (I can't get the widget to work in posts for some reason).

And in case you haven't seen The Room, at least check out the following videos, including the official trailer, the "flower shop" scene, and a montage of all the "Oh hi" moments of the movie:

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