Short Review: The Ugly Truth.

Premise: An uptight woman who works as a TV show producer meets a foul-mouthed TV persona who is hired on to bring up the ratings of her show, only to have him teach her how to get a man.

Starring: Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.

My Reaction: The Ugly Truth is like mixing together American Pie 2 and Hitch. Let me explain... you know that bit of American Pie 2 where Alyson Hannigan teaches Jason Biggs how to be with a woman? Now, imagine if that montage was stretched out into a whole movie where Alyson Hannigan is replaced with Stiffler, but Stiffler is merged with Will Smith's Hitch (and then Jason Biggs is replaced with, well... Katherine Heigl). This movie isn't anything new to the Rom-Com genre and is quite reminiscent of other films, like I said (for instance, another scene brought to mind the diner-orgasm scene of When Harry Met Sally). The tone seemed kinda strange, as it didn't know if it wanted to be raunchy sex comedy or Rom-Com. Despite this, I found some good laughs in the movie. But it's overall a very predictable Rom-Com, just full of some pretty raunchy jokes not usually found in the genre. And Gerard Butler is charismatic enough to keep it interesting (despite talking through the side of his mouth the whole time, trying to keep that American accent).

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.

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  1. Yeah, this movie was exactly as you described it. It barely kept my interest thanks to Mr. Butler.

    And it's funny that you mention the similarities to Hitch, since Gerard Butler's new film (due out today) The Bounty Hunter is directed by the same guy.


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