Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #7: The Top 9 (Lennon/McCartney).

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

It's Idol night! And I'm kinda worried. Last year there was a ton of great talent, and almost all of them did pretty bad during Lennon/McCartney week. This year, there are about 4-5 good singers... and it's Lennon/McCartney week. Here's to hoping it's not as bad as I expect it to be. Let's get it started.

7:00: Ryan is showing us stuff from the control room to introduce the judges and stuff. It's the Top 9 of Season 9 (Does this mean something's going to explode?).

7:04: Cool. Paul McCartney sent a video of support.

7:09: Aaron's up first... oh joy. Ha... their video this week has the other contestants talking about each other. Apparently Aaron is Yoda. Um... no. (Though it was kinda hot seeing Siobhan doing a Yoda voice). He's singing "The Long and Winding Road."

7:11: He's already having some pitch problems. A lot of pitch problems. Ugh. This is pretty bad. Though I bet Randy will say something like "You know I love you, dawg. Right? You know I have mad love for you." Oh my God, drop that last note. That was horrendous.

7:13: Randy didn't say it, but oh well. He likes his voice, but didn't like this. Ellen thought it was a "long and winding song." Kara didn't like it, and she thinks he's doing the same kinda performance every week (will she say the same of Big Mike?). Simon rolls his eyes at Aaron's cheesy answer of him choosing this song because this journey has been a "long and winding road." Tee hee. Simon thinks he needs to be more young and relevant.

7:21: Katie's up. And apparently she's the happy, playful little sister. And she's gonna be singing "Let It Be." Um... hope she can do it.

7:23: Good vocals. I think she's doing well with it.

7:26: Randy thinks it's her best performance ever. I can agree with that. Ellen thought it was a perfect example of changing it up enough to fit her and the song. Though she thinks she won't be in the Bottom 3 again this week... but I still think she'll be there (not because this was bad... it wasn't... but just because everybody else it more popular). Kara is along the same lines. Simon really thought she did it right, mostly because she was listening to him as it sounded more "country" like he's been wanting her to do, rather than the pop/R&B that everybody else has wanted... and I can actually kinda agree with Simon there. I was thinking "Simon should be happy with this sound" as she was singing it.

7:34: We're back and with Andrew. Let's hope last week wasn't a one-hit wonder kinda deal. Everybody thinks Andrew is goofy and fun to hang out with and has the most personality of every contestant (he needs to bring that out on stage). He's singing "Can't Buy Me Love."

7:35: Eh... not as good as last week. It's kinda cheesy. It feels like he's trying to add a bit of soul to it, but to me it doesn't work in places. And it makes the song feel disjointed where he doesn't do it. And the vocals aren't super up to par. They aren't terrible, but... they aren't great.

7:37: Randy thought it was a solid performance, but corny. Ellen: "First of all, you can buy love." She loved it. Kara wanted to love it, but didn't think it was anything special. Simon thought it was corny, old-fashioned, and irrelevant and that the band overpowered Andrew.

7:44: Now we're up with Big Mike. They talk about his size. Casey says he snores really loud. He's a teddy bear. Ohhh... he's gonna do Elenor Rigby.

7:46: At least he's doing something different than a love ballad but... I'm not loving it so far. His vocals just sound awfully nasally at times. I like the arrangement, though. It had its moments, but overall... it was just OK.

7:48: Randy didn't think all of it worked, but the parts of it worked were great. Ellen thought it was incredible. Kara thought it was "fire" and his vocals were "amazing." I must have missed something. Simon didn't love it as much as the other three. He thought it sounded like it's from a musical, and he's not a big fan of musicals. He thinks it made him go slightly backwards. And now the judges are being confusing.

7:57: And now we're up with Crystal! Heck yeah! I need someone to blow me away tonight, and she's just the person to do it (that had the potential to sound quite dirty). All the contestants love Crystal and everyone calls her Mama Sox (as in Bowersox, her last name). She's singing "Come Together." I think this should be good.

8:00: Loving it already. Very soul-tastic. And she hit another high note... those are always so unexpectedly awesome. Great stuff, as per usual.

8:02: Randy can't talk due to all the applause. He thought it was another very solid performance. Ellen only worries about coming up with another way to tell her how great she is. Kara says it's one of her favorites that she's done. Simon says that's a song he can hear on the current radio. He thought it was terrific.

8:11: Ode to Joy... we're up with Tim. The contestants love how he's always smiling... which coincidentally is what annoys the judges the most (especially Simon). He's singing "All My Lovin'."

8:12: This actually isn't all that bad. Vocals are good... didn't change up the arrangement really at all. The tempo really fits Tim. All in all, a pretty decent performance.

8:15: Randy: "You're in your own category." Lol. He thinks it's a much better performance than he's done in the last few weeks. A good "Tim" performance. Ellen thought it was it was a perfect song choice and his second best performance, which I'll agree with. Kara commends him for taking what they continually dish out to him. Simon actually, based on the entire night (not just a "Tim" scale), did really well.

8:23: Casey's up! The other contestants make fun of him for calling him a soap opera star and they make up silly names for him. Then they talk about his boisterous laugh. Then they talk about his wonderful hair. So now he's singing... "Jealous Guy." Don't think I've heard this one before.

8:25: Great vocals and arrangement so far. And Casey's always fantastic on the guitar. I actually think this is something I could hear on the radio, so it's a check in the "contemporary" department. I'd have to say this is up there with one of my favorite Casey vocals. Really showcased his voice this week. He's shown us in the past he can perform, but this really showed off his voice.

8:27: Randy was really impressed. Ellen thought it was his best performance. Kara liked the vulnerability and depth he showed tonight. Simon thought it was the best performance of the night so far. He says the difference between him and people like Crystal is that Crystal is consistently great from week to week, while Casey just gets better and better every week. I can see that. Crystal is at the point she can't really grow too much more, while Casey is just skyrocketing as the weeks go on.

8:35: Siobhan! Hell yeah! Please redeem yourself, Siobhan. The other contestants think she's amazing...ly weird. Then they talk about her crazy notes she can hit. Oh, she's singing "Across the Universe." Maybe this will be like Adam Lambert's "Mad World"... subtle.

8:37: She's even sitting on a chair like Adam did. Great vocal so far. I'll take this moment to say I love her whole look this week... the hair and dress is so... Siobhan. Is it kinda weird that this is kinda reminding me of Audrey in the Little Shop of Horrors musical? Anywho, great stuff. Good comeback, kid.

8:39: Randy thought it was a little sleepy, but loved the tender side of it. Ellen loved it. Kara thought it was vocally good, but a bit restrained and "polite." What the hell do they want from her? They tell her to cool it on the screaming... she does... and now they're confused because she's not screaming? Simon thought it was much better than last week, and they focus on a guy who's been screaming all night from the audience. That's a first. And he came up on stage to say hi and hug Siobhan. His name's Earl. Huh. Anyway...

8:49: Wrapping things up with Lee! Come on Lee, stay awesome like last week. The other contestants thinks his their resident worry-wort, always thinking he's going home. And there's apparently a bit of a bro-mance between Lee and Andrew... and there's a "Danny Gokey" joke. Epic. Sweet! I was SO freakin' hoping he'd sing this song. Lee is singing "Hey Jude." Freakin' awesome.

8:50: Doing great so far. Looks like he's having fun with it. The vocals are great. Haha... he has a guy in a kilt coming down the stairs playing the bagpipe. No doubt Simon will comment on that. He's really getting into the song. That was awesome. I'm sorry, Siobhan, but Lee just took your previous spot on my favorites list.

8:53: Randy loved the bagpipe player, as well as Lee. Ellen loved it. Kara notices that Lee feels more comfortable and loved the performance. Simon is all giggles about the bagpipe player, but isn't sure he would have done it. But I think he liked the overall performance.

8:56: The Recap. Aaron... didn't care for it. Katie's was actually really good. Andrew... no so much (too cheesy). I loved Big Mike's arrangement, but didn't really care for the overall performance. Loved Crystal. Tim... actually good and enjoyable. I loved Casey... finally showing his range. I'm so surprised the judges didn't like Siobhan more than they did (or compare it to Adam's "Mad World" from last year). Lee was epic. No more needs to be said.

Final Thoughts: I think Aaron, Andrew, and Tim will end up in the bottom with Tim potentially going home? Who the heck knows, really?


  1. I think I'm going mad. Simply mad. I actually really liked Tim this week. Compared to the other singers (well my top 5 at least) he still sucks but honestly the song fit his voice quite well, he played the guitar well, sounded good and honestly I really liked it.

    That being said I think Lee, Casey, Crystal and Siobhan blew it out of the water.

    Lee was very crowd centric and got into the song although this probably wasn't his BEST vocals ever. Good to see him have fun though.

    Crystal...well you get the idea

    Siobhan was back to her usual self style and sound wise but I was glad to see her not using a scream. Very reminiscent of her wicked game/house of the rising sun-esque performances.

    As for Casey it was a much more tender and vulnerable Casey and I loved that.

    As for the others...

    well Aaron sucked

    Katie meh...okay but still meh...to me at least..compared to the aforementioned people. Probably her best if not second best performance though.

    Mike was bad for me dawg. Not GO HOME bad but bad.

    Andrew...well it could have been a lot better.

    Overall though a pretty good night.

    I think the bottom will be Aaron, Katie and Andrew (maybe not Tim SHOCKER!) with Aaron going home.

  2. The reason I put Tim in the bottom over Katie is that... well, I'm not sure. I think Katie did well enough to not be in the Bottom... but so did Tim. However, Tim is still the worst of the Top 9, which is why I put him there.


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