Podcast: The MatineeCast #24.

In what's been quite a long-time coming, I finally guested on the podcast for Mad Hatter's Dark of the Matinee movie blog. We discussed--what else?--Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

Hatter has apologized to me a few times since, saying he caught me off guard and that he kind of took over the episode, not allowing me to talk much. It's OK, Hatter. I had fun!

In this episode, we start off with Hatter asking me some questions to let the audience get to know me a bit. Then we start talking about favorite actors and which ones can get us to go see a movie (or... can actors really do that much these days?). Then we get into our discussion of Deathly Hallows Part 1 before wrapping up with our Top 5 lists of our favorite "magic" movies.

It was a good time (regardless of being caught off guard :P), so check it out! I can't figure out how to embed his player, so go check it out in his post here.


  1. I totally like that you did think so different about the HP movie. But I can see where he is coming from when apologizing.

    I gotta say you have one of the coolest blogg names outthere. Totally love it.

  2. Thanks for coming on the show amigo - I'll have to have you back soon.


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