Musical Monday: Grease - Summer Nights (#40).

[Every Monday, I'm going to be counting down my 52 favorite musical numbers from musical movies and TV shows. I might not like the full movie/show, but the number makes the list for various reasons: 1) I have to like the song, 2) the visual of how the number is performed is most likely unique or fun, 3) both song and visual mixes well to create an exciting or powerful number. So let's get to the next on the list.]

Sorry this is running late. This is going back to a classic here. A catchy number, despite the really strange dancing at times. But I love how it's telling the same story but from different perspectives (namely a female and male perspective and what each wants to hear). Though it does make you wonder... if they're singing their own song to their friends that doesn't--in reality--correlate with the other person's lyrics, what are they rhyming with during the "missing verses" when it flips to the other group? Makes you think! Anyway, here is "Summer Nights" from Grease.


  1. I didn't even watch the vid yet and I'm already humming the song ...

  2. Hey! Glad to get a new reader. Thanks for sticking around!


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