The Demented Podcast #10 - Battle Royale (And/Or The Reel Entertainment Ramblings For Dark Cinema Reviews).

In this tenth episode, we take a break from the usual format and have us a long, star-studded game of The Demented Tower. On hand are the Top 5 scorers from the previous 9 episodes: Rachel, James, Hatter, Jess, and Tom. Together, we have a pretty fun time playing The Tower and taunting and teasing each other in the process.

But who comes out on top? Will it be the Top Leaderboard scorer, Rachel, who might only be there because she won the bonus question? Will it be fan favorite James, who sped through his original game to get one of the highest scores without the bonus question? Perhaps it'll be Hatter, the man nobody is counting on winning. It could also be Jess, the first person to ever play the game and who managed to stay in the Top 4 the entire time. But, quite possibly, it could be Tom, who showed skill that could rival James and is only at the disadvantageous bottom position because he missed his bonus question.

Listen and find out!

Also, keep an ear out for some fun sound bytes sprinkled throughout not only from Mortal Kombat (as per usual), but also from a film we all love--The Room. And stick around after the closing music for a bonus clip cut out of the main part of the episode. (And special thanks to Rachel for the awesome alternate title for the episode.)

That being said, enjoy! Thanks goes out to Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website for great, royalty-free music. And thanks to Google for helping me find a website that will give me free video game audio samples. Also, for this particular episode, thanks to this awesome website for the soundclips from The Room.


  1. So fun. I can't wait to be on another episode.

  2. Listening back through the episode, I said a lot of random stuff that I do not remember saying at all.

  3. Rachel: Yes, you DEFINATELY need to drink when you do The Lair.

    Good episode, guys! I wish I was smart enough to have made it in the top 5. But oh well, I had to settle for looks.

  4. You and me both, Jason.

    Dang, this was great! I hate to say it, but I think this was my favorite episode of The Demented Podcast. Doesn't hurt that it was filled with a bunch o' my favorite people, though. (Awwwwwww)

    Seriously, though, funny stuff, good challenges, people getting their asses killed in creative (read: disturbing) ways - this had it all. So sad I missed out...and not just 'cause I woulda (woulda shoulda coulda) smoked all yer asses.

    Felt so bad for James at that one point. He should have made you all wait two hours till he thought of the name...

  5. @Nick...Just little snarky comments along the way. Nothing major. I wasn't that drunk.

  6. Dylan: What you didn't hear is that James had been going for about 30+ minutes by that point and he felt bad that he was taking up so much time.


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