The Vlog - S3.12: Retribution/Reconciliation (Finale).

Here's episode S3.12.

Well, this is it! The moment you've all been waiting for. How will it all come together? This season, a dog puppet named Wrinkles became Nick's roommate and gave him the idea for the Story Time segment. Nick hired actors to perform these stories, which were based on actual events. 3 of the 5 focused on one or all of Kai, Jess, and Rachel and their backgrounds and how they came to either be with each other or hate each other--granted, we can't be certain if Rachel or Jess' version is the truth. The most recent Story Time involved the history of Wrinkles and Cokie. Apparently, especially based on the finale of last season, the two knew each other. Kai and Rachel hired him to cause some sweet revenge in the form of emotional distress, both for Jess and for Cokie. But due to the events of the previous season, Kai was under too much emotional stress himself and left to train, leaving Rachel alone to work with Wrinkles on this master plan. And now, with Wrinkles' past association with Cokie out in the open, it's only a matter of time before everything comes to a head... which it will, right now, in this epic season finale! Enjoy!

NOTE: There's a few special call-backs to last season's finale. See if you can find them! (hint... there's a more subtle one around the 8-minute mark.)

NOTE 2: Special Shout-Out to Brad Thuro, who did some great camera work (and a bit of lighting magic) in the hotel scene.

Also, as promised, once you finish watching... here are some extras! First, some deleted scenes and alternate takes:

Next, bloopers for the whole season:

All of that not enough for you? Well, check this out! The Vlog now has a Wiki (not Wikipedia, because it's not important enough)! That's right... all season plot descriptions, spoilers, character notes, and episode descriptions are available for viewing. Confused on any plot point from any of the last 3 seasons? Want to know the story archs of your favorite characters? Just take a gander! It's all there! And keep checking back for further updates.

Finally... a behind-the-scenes photo:


  1. Ok, I dunno why there's no comments to this yet so I'll leave the first one! Totally awesome season finale! The final showdown was fuckin' amazing! And Sheep, as usual, steals the show.

    Can't wait for Season 4.

  2. Jason: Thanks! I figure nobody's commented because of the holiday weekend. Who knows?

  3. Love the Harry Potter moment!!!

  4. I, too, was moved to tears by Sheep. That guy is just beautiful, man.

    Great job to everyone on the season. Highly enjoyable all-around.

    And wow - super impressive job with the Wiki, Nick. That looks like it was time consuming, even if there was a bunch of copy/pasting.

  5. Kai: Indeed!

    Dylan: Thanks. And actually, there wasn't much copying and pasting. The only place I can think of where I did was between Rachel and Jess' character sections, and that was only a couple sentences.

  6. That was pretty badass. Great job with the music Nick...very dramatic :P
    I've got to ask Jason, was that "good cereal" line in the script, or was it improvised?

  7. Tom: Thanks! I can answer your question, though. I told Jason he should be eating something for the scene (so there could be dramatic pauses like before the Ellen line). He chose the cereal. The scene actually ended with the "I still don't get it." So, yes, he did improvise the "good cereal" line, which I thought was hilarious.

  8. What does the Vlog have that Harry Potter doesn't? A witch pulling her wand out of her cleavage! (Only b/c I forgot to wear pockets.)

    Great season!

  9. Rachel: Thanks! And yes... I'm sad it was so dark, because you can almost miss the cleavage pull if you're not really focusing. Though I'm kinda surprised Bellatrix didn't keep her wand there, what with her showing them off so much.


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