60/60 Extra: Casino.

Note: For only the second time in this project, I will have to use the short review format.


Premise: Two mobster friends have troubles while running a Casino in Vegas... or something.

Starring: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, James Woods, Kevin Pollack, and Don Rickles.

My Reaction: I can't emphasize enough... how little I cared about this movie. It's not that I didn't care for it. It's that I just really didn't care. It starts out somewhat stylish enough with an interesting alternating voice-over and whatnot. But that just keeps going. After 40 minutes of voice-over explanations and no real story to speak of... it lost me. I'll be honest--I just started chatting it up with my podcast co-host, Steve for the next 2 and a half hours or however long I had left in this way-too-long movie. Yeah, I was still paying half attention to the movie, but it was so dull and uninteresting to me I just couldn't care less. It's not a poorly made film on a technical or acting level. Not at all. It was just yet another flick that wasn't for me. Sorry.

Feed Me, Seymour!

(P.S. Only for quality purposes and random bits of intrigue do I give it this high of a rating. It certainly doesn't deserve to be in the same lower ratings as some of the other films I've seen. Again, I don't think it was bad--I just didn't care.)

(P.P.S. Just to spur things on even more... I, funnily enough, wrote this review while I was only half-paying attention, as well. I was watching television of some sort.)


  1. You have a right to your opinion ... even if its wrong :D

    I love Casino ... not dull or boring at all. Paying "half" attention to a Scorsese film is not a good idea.

    You're better off turning the film off, then waste your time half-assing a film (which may sound rude, but is ultimately true).

    Then again, I guess not everything is for everyone.

  2. "Then again, I guess not everything is for everyone."


  3. Sam is 100% right, though I will say this: I didn't like Casino the first time I saw it, either. I thought it was boring. But I came back to it a few years later and dug it, and have seen all or parts of it several times since and love it. But I'm also a bit of a Vegas hound. And the soundtrack is awesome. And the cast is awesome. And...

  4. So, Dylan, what you're saying is "Watch it again"?

    I liked different parts of it, like the different types of characters and people they have to deal with (like the cheaters). But it just seemed to drag and rely too much on the voice-over. More telling than showing, as it were. And that really got on my nerves after almost a straight hour of it.

  5. Casino is a good film. It's not amazing but I think the three core characters are compelling enough to make it a solid film. I certainly prefer this over the oversold Goodfellas.


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