The Demented Podcast #41 - Gynecological Instruments For Mutant Women.

NOTE: I know this was due last weekend, but for some strange reason, my Podomatic bandwidth was insanely above the limit--not sure why, considering I (and nobody else, as far as I know) don't post the actual player on my page. But the bandwidth reset itself today, so although I normally post DemPod on Saturdays, I decided to put it up today due to it being late anyway.


We are finally back with our first regular episode of the season, and to help us kick it off is our old pal Dylan Fields of Man, I Love Films. He's on this episode, which was actually recorded prior to the previous Battle Royale, to discuss psychological thrillers, particularly of the medical variety. First up is Cronenberg's Dead Ringers. We follow that up with Almodovar's The Skin I Live In. And for pretty much the first time on the show, we actually speak for a while spoiler-free for the latter film and then give a spoiler warning for when we discuss the film post-twist (for this is not a movie you want spoiled in that regard). Then, of course, we move on into The Tower. Will this prior Battle Royale champion (of the second rendition) reclaim glory, or will he choke under the pressure? Listen to find out!

Due to Podomatic bandwidth issues, I will no longer be placing the podcast player on the site. But you can easily listen and subscribe through iTunes!

Current/Previous Battle Royale Champions
(BR4) Stevee Taylor - 285 Points
(BR3) Dan Heaton - 176 Points
(BR2) Dylan Fields - 114 Points
(BR1) Rachel Thuro - 171 Points

That being said, enjoy! Thanks goes out to Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website for great, royalty-free music. And thanks to Google for helping me find a website that will give me free video game audio samples.


  1. My first listen to the DemPod with Steve H. Great stuff. I was GUTTED that you didn't gointo the depth of SKIN I LIVE IN. So much depth to it - indeed, its all about gender and defining masculinity and feminity. *spoilers*

    What would you do if you woke up as a woman? would you kill yourself? would you remain heterosexual? how would you tell your parents? did the boy rape the girl? no - he was just very forward, dare i say it, very masculine? and is this a crime? is that a problem? what about people who feel trapped inside a mans body - or feel like they are trapped in a womans body? Plenty of people cannot express their sexuality and feel trapped? And are these thematic issues heredietary? things are passed down? etc etc. SO much stuff to mine - hence, my fave film of 2011...

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