Top 5 Favorite Quitting Scenes In Film.

So, I quit my job today. OK, so not exactly today. I put in my resignation a couple months ago. But still, today was my last day as a teacher--at least in America (that's another story). And like many others, I often fantasized about the coolest way to leave a position. There was actually a teacher this year who left with a film-worthy exit just yesterday... but I can't say I had nearly the balls to do what he did. (I can't get into that here.)

Regardless, there have been many quitting scenes in films to look up to. Of course, I haven't seen a lot of the movies some favorite scenes might come from (for instance, in my research on the topic, I found there were a number of recurring scenes on lists from films I haven't seen). But also, there were a number of popular choices that I don't consider "quitting" scenes. They're more crazy reactions to being fired. So the following list includes my favorite quitting scenes from films I've seen.


5) With Honor And Smartass Irony (The Truman Show)

Jim Carrey, having lived his entire life in a reality TV show without his knowledge, has made his grand escape and reached the edge of the set. But before he can walk out the door, the creator begins speaking to him. And how does he respond? With the same catch-phrase he uses every morning with his neighbors. This can be taken two-fold, really. One, he's giving the audience a good ending with his departure on such a beloved phrase. Two, however, it's a slap to the face of the creator, using something from the show to essentially give him the finger. He even follows it up with an insincere laugh before heading out. How could this be done in real life? Easy... just use something from your bosses against them and just be a smartass. If you can pull it off, this would probably be the best way to quit without getting in trouble with anyone.

4) With Flair (Office Space)

Ever had that nagging boss who never seems to get what he or she wants out of you, but never tells you exactly what it is they want from you? So they just keep coming back until they annoy you to death? That's what happened here, and Jennifer Aniston just... had enough. This could be an evolution of the last... because it's punny!

3) With Style And Finesse (Wanted)

Say what you want about the movie, but this is an epic scene. He finally tells off his boss by letting her know what he and everybody else feels about her. And then, in one last hoorah, takes his keyboard and smashes it over the face of his friend--who just so happens to be sleeping with his girlfriend. And the best part? The keys (and a tooth) fly off to form a couple special last words.

2) With Blackmail (Fight Club)

Despite it topping almost everybody's lists, there are a couple reasons this is at #2 and not at #1. First and foremost, I just love the next choice so much. But also... this is borderline between a firing scene and a quitting scene. Edward Norton is getting fired, but he tells his boss how it is and what he expects to get in return. When the boss essentially laughs in his face, Norton starts to beat the shit out of himself to blackmail his boss for actions he didn't commit.

1) With Words (Half-Baked)

I just love this scene. To me, this is the perfect way to go out. And yes, that includes the "you're cool" to the one person halfway through. No other comments necessary.


Do you agree with these? Do think I missed any? What are some ways you would like to quit a job some day?


  1. I would totally do it up like Scarface, but James McAvoy is a close second.

    Now, two questions: 1) You totally have to dish on how your co-worker so epically quit, and 2) What country are you gonna be teaching in? Seriously thought about going the Japan route at one point in my life, and if life as I know it suddenly crumbles before me, I'd probably still use it as my go-to. Just sayin', Japan is awesome.

    1. The quitting scene in Scarface, or scarface's quitting scene in half baked?

      I can't tell the story here, but I'll hit you up about it elsewhere. And im going to south Korea. I thought Japan, but they're super strict there and getting a job is tough.

    2. I wanna hear the co-worker story, too!

  2. Haha. Scarface's scene in Half-Baked.

    And congratulations, man! I have a friend teaching over there right now and she loves it. Glad to hear you're not going to North Korea, that would be a bad career/life move.

  3. There's always the musical route via That Thing You Do.

  4. I haven't seen "Half Baked" ... but I love that scene already.

    Great selections Nick.

    1. Thanks! And yeah, it's a great scene. Half-Baked is pretty funny, too. Though I haven't seen it in quite a while.

  5. Haha - I wanted to give you shit for not having Fight Club at #1, but your #1 choice was hard to argue with. The "You're cool!" is easily the best part about it.

    As a decent tie-in to that, you really ought to see (if you haven't already) the Chappelle' Show sketch where Dave and Scarface (actor) and others do a training video for a Kinko's-type store. It's fucking great.

    Holy shit - I saw Wanted long before I knew who Chris Pratt was. It would almost be worth watching it again for him if I didn't already know how small his role was.

    Great idea for a topical list.

    1. Yeah... I think it's hard to argue with the #1. :P

      I'll have to find that sketch and check it out. And yeah, Chris Pratt shows up all over the freakin' place. After checking out parks and rec, I've seen him in a ton of movies, even older ones where I just didn't realize he was in it.


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