The Vlog: Season 5, Episode 5 (Vlog Of The Living Dead - Part 1).

After such an epic episode last week, where could we possibly go from there? Greatness, that's where! Almost every Episode 5 has been very memorable for one reason or another. For instance, the Walking on Air/Floor is Lava sequence of Season 1 or Dylan's Kai Monologue of Season 3. Will this join the ranks? (As for the genre, talk about weird timing considering what I just reviewed last.) Enjoy! And leave some comments!


  1. Yeah, that's not like Sheep at all!

  2. Tell Cokie he's wrong. That IS Jesus.

  3. Steve - I already thought you had a great voice for radio, but now I finally made the connection: you need to go steal Nick Bakay's career. You sound a lot like him.

    Great performance, Brad! Though I swear I saw some smirking in there early on...

  4. I love how Joanna is slightly "off" timing wise. It does give a nice stalkerish fee to her character.


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