The Demented Podcast #48: Tom Arnold Sex Tape.

For this episode, we were joined by Jason Soto of Invasion of the B-Movies to discuss films of the "Die Hard Scenario." These are films where it's one man fighting against man while stuck in a closed-in location. And this is apparently a real subgenre. Anyway, we ended up looking at two plane-related flicks in Passenger 57 and (you guessed it) Snakes on a Plane. (And, strangely, SoaP gets one of the longest discussions on a film for this season of the podcast.) From there, Jason goes on to climb The Tower. Will he do well... or will 20 Questions actually be too much for him? Listen to find out!

Due to Podomatic bandwidth issues, I will no longer be placing the podcast player on the site (and ask that nobody else links directly to it, either). But you can easily listen and subscribe through iTunes!

Current Tower Leaderboard
1) Dylan - 167 Points
2) Rachel - 155 Points
3) Dan - 152 Points
4) Tom - 143 Points
5) Nolahn - 131 Points
6) Joel - 117 Points
7) Joanna - 93 Points

Current/Previous Battle Royale Champions
(BR4) Stevee Taylor - 285 Points
(BR3) Dan Heaton - 176 Points
(BR2) Dylan Fields - 114 Points
(BR1) Rachel Thuro - 171 Points

That being said, enjoy! Thanks goes out to Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website for great, royalty-free music. And thanks to Google for helping me find a website that will give me free video game audio samples.


  1. Guys, this podcast basically made my day. Awesome job! I'm sad to admit that I haven't seen Snakes on a Plane. I need to rectify this fatal flaw sometime very soon.


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