MonthWatch - September 2012.

[I'm going to keep a monthly tally of the movies I've both watched for the first time and as re-watches. I think it'll be interesting to see what all I've watched at the end of the year and how many. That being said, let's do it. Here's the next month.]


Resident Evil: Retribution - Most entertaining since the first... but that's not hard to do.
The Master - Great acting... very lacking story. At least I had a great theatrical experience to go with it!
Dredd - Very entertaining... Karl Urban rocked it.
Looper - One of my favorite movies of the year thus far.


Tangled - I was in the mood for it! It gets better with every viewing.
Clue - Saw it was on Instant Watch and had to watch. Love this movie.
Thor - I still like it much better than Captain America. Kind of unofficially started the "Chris Hemsworth Marathon."
Star Trek - Another I was in the mood for... and forgetting it had Chris Hemsworth.
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li - For V.G. Movie Article. Still a pile of crap.
Stay Tuned - Loved this movie as a kid. It's even better now!
Kick-Ass - For DemPod. A lot of fun.
The Cabin in the Woods - Currently my favorite movie of the year.
The Cabin in the Woods (Commentary) - Great commentary track to go with a great flick.
Captain America: The First Avenger - I liked it better than in theater... but it's still my least favorite of the Pre-Avengers flicks.
The Avengers - Still lots of fun. And this wrapped the unofficial "Chris Hemsworth Marathon."
To Boldly Flee (Noah Antwiler Commentary) - Not technically finished, but it's still over 100 minutes of commentary and over half the movie, so I counted it for September rather than October.
Tommy Boy - Guilty pleasure? Or just pleasure? I'll leave that up to you...

Santa Sangre - For MILF. Eff this movie.
Rampart - Good acting... forgettable movie.
Mission: Impossible - Apparently I hadn't seen this whole thing before. Fun stuff.
All's Faire in Love - Cheesy and light and could have been better, but it was fun and entertaining for what it was.
Castle in the Sky - An amazing Miyazaki I hadn't yet seen. I need to see it again soon, though.
The Devil's Backbone - For 50/50. I liked it, but I like Pan's Labyrinth more.
Safe - Good story, but the movie played it too (wait for it...) safe.
My Favorite Year - For 50/50. Didn't care for this one much. Peter O'Toole was excellent, though.
To Boldly Flee - TGWTG Movie. Brilliance.
Catwoman - For DemPod. Literally one of the worst mainstream films I've ever seen.
Ponyo - For MILF. Another Miyazaki I hadn't seen. I really liked it!
King of Fighters - For V.G. Movie Article. Yeah, it's crap.
Take Me Home - It took me a minute to even remember what this was. Great concept, enjoyed at the time. Apparently forgettable, though.
Double Indemnity - For 50/50. One of my favorite of the List.
Snow White and the Huntsman - Part of that unofficial "Chris Hemsworth Marathon." It kinda falls apart at the third act. It looks gorgeous, though.
Tekken - For V.G. Movie Article. Entertaining fights and visuals, but terrible adaptation and mostly crap everything else.
The Hidden Face - Nice Spanish thriller worth checking out... but DO NOT watch the trailer before doing so. It spoils EVERYTHING.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers - I like the 70s version better, but this one was good, too.
Operation Condor - A Jackie Chan flick that is tons of fun! Incredibly silly and over-the-top, but super entertaining.
Headhunters - I was confused for a while, and it took me a while to get into it, but I eventually did... and the ending is a nice payoff. I'd recommend it.
Project A - Jackie Chan. Pirates. What can go wrong? Well... the plot sucks, for one, so it's a bit dull. Fights are great, though.


Theatrical - 17
Re-Watch - 150
First Time - 191
TOTAL - 358


  1. Far be it from me to help you increase your lead over me (345 at the end of September for me), but didn't you watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers at some point last month?

    By the way, Project A: Part 2 isn't much better than the first one, and there's about an hour with no fights.

    1. Damn, I knew I forgot something! Added in. Thanks!

      Yeah, I saw Project A2 and Operation Condor 2 both on Instant. Guess which one got put on the queue and which one didn't? :P

    2. Project A was one of my favorites during my teenage obsession with Jackie. I haven't seen it in years, so I can't comment on how it holds up but I'm sad that you didn't come away loving it. I don't remember liking the second one all that much.

      And just for the record, "Operation Condor 2" is actually "Armour of God," an earlier film that Operation Condor is a sequel to. Jackie's latest, Chinese Zodiac, is coming out this December in Hong Kong and is supposedly a third film in the series. Probably easy to see that I'm excited for that one!

      And wow, 358 is a lot of movies for one year, and this is only through Sept!

    3. Yeah, I knew that about Armour of God. I just figured it'd be easier and less confusing to say "Operation Condor 2." :P

      Glad to hear there's a third one coming out soon! That should be fun.


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