DVDs Or Death!

I know I haven't posted anything since last week when I did this, but it's been a super-busy week. In this time span, I've written 2 papers, a case study, other bits of homework, and 5 chapters for my newest novel (2/3s of the way done!). Anyway, here's the newest DVD update. These will be coming out tomorrow... and there's really nothing all that spectacular (save for one).

The Golden Compass.

Brief Synopsis: Bad people want to separate animals from people. Controversial book-to-film. But not really.

Comments: This one is probably the big blockbuster DVD of the week. I've read all the books and I saw this one in theater. It had all this controversial hype around it, and it was probably as least controversial as they could have made it. There's only single disc versions, too. It wasn't God-awful (no pun intended), but the only reason I would buy this is if they released a version with the... you know... ending... that the movie decided to skip. And I don't mean to say it like that to avoid spoilers. The movie actually skipped the ending.

Viewing Option: Wait for TV (or special edition DVD).

27 Dresses.

Brief Synopsis: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride: The Movie.

Comments: Didn't care about seeing this one in theater, don't really care too much now that it's out on DVD. 1 disc.

Viewing Option: Wait for TV.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Brief Synopsis: Paraplegic blinks a novel with one eye.

Comments: I totally wanted to see this when it was in theater, but it never came here. I still really wanna see it, and I heard it's awesome. I haven't decided if I wanna buy it or rent it yet, but it feels like one of those impulsive buy kinda movies.

Viewing Option: Buy or Rent.

First Knight.

Brief Synopsis: 90s Re-release of Sean Connery Camelot film.

Comments: Just thought this was worth a mention that it was being re-released. If you don't already own it... or haven't seen it enough to last you a lifetime... go for it.

Viewing Option: This movie already comes on TV.

Joseph Campbell - Mythos II.

Brief Synopsis: Founder of the monomyth. Inspiration for millions (including Star Wars). PBS documentary.

Comments: I only bring this one up because Joseph Campbell was such a genius in the world of literature (and then some). He founded the monomyth format (which is the basic 'Quest' format that has been used since the beginning of stories themselves... he just organized it). He inspired George Lucas into writing Star Wars (which follows the monomyth dead-on). He inspired Christopher Vogler to re-work the monomyth format and use it for screenplays, which is used for basically any film school now (and has inspired such works as The Lion King).

Viewing Option: N/A. I already know all I want about Joseph Campbell and the monomyth.


  1. Can't say that I'm terribly interested in any of these, though I'm sure I'll get around to finally watching the Diving Bell sometime (though I can't imagine buying that; doesn't seem like the kind of flick you'd want to watch over and over again).

    Weird that First Knight is getting a re-release; it's not like anyone cared about it the first time around.

    Saw the Compass in the theater; it was pretty good (book faithfulness notwithstanding).

  2. I agree about Compass. It was pretty good (not super-awesome great, but good). But if I were to buy it, I'd want the actual whole thing. I know they filmed the book ending, and it's beyond me why they cut it out (they also, bizarrely, switched crap around that they didn't actually intend to switch around, but did so because they took out the climactic ending. And they also massively cut down on some other stuff, like Serafina Pekkala's character).


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