Five Great Things About Keanu Reeves.

Keanu is one of the most hated-on actors in Hollywood today. Is it because of his cardboard acting, or maybe his famous ‘Whoa’ (as borrowed for one of my very movie ratings)? I was asking myself this the other day, on why he was disliked so much. So then I went and looked on imdb and noted that a good chunk of his movies are rated HIGHER than 6, which is relatively good for imdb. In fact, one of his movies is even rated 8.6 and is currently #36 on imdb’s Top 250. So I got to thinking… if Keanu is ragged on so much, yet he’s in so many good movies, there has to be at least 5 good things to say about the guy. After all, with the exception of Uwe Boll, anybody can have at least 5 good things to their name. So here I’ve started a new brand of article: Five Great Things About… ‘Whoever’. So in no particular order, here are five great things about Keanu Reeves.

1. Neo. The Matrix is obviously the 8.6-rated movie I previously mentioned, and it’s going to be a classic. It brought new things to Hollywood cinema and, if anything, will go down in cinematic history for that (namely bullet time). And as Neo was the main character, and Neo was a badass (therefore making Keanu a badass), it is safe to say that this is one great thing about Keanu.

2. Speed. And no, I don’t mean the drug. You had to admit that Speed was a really fun movie. Sure, the third act (the subway) was slightly inferior to the whole second act (the bus). But the movie as a whole was still an adrenaline rush, and it was highly original (at least at the time). And you can’t even blame the second movie on Keanu, because even he was smart enough to get out of the sequel. So that’s another great thing about Keanu.

3. Hot Fuzz. Okay, so he wasn’t really involved with Hot Fuzz whatsoever. But his movie, Point Break, was. In fact, it was one of the two biggest inspirations for occurrences in the movie (the other being Bad Boys 2). So when your movie inspires greatness like Hot Fuzz, I think that’s another thing worthy of being great about you.

4. Constantine. Some people love it, some people hate it. But I’m on the side that thinks Constantine was one of the cooler superhero (or anti-hero, rather) movies out there. And hey, Keanu did a pretty cool job with it. So there, that’s four.

5. Theodore Logan. That’s right. Bill & Ted. It’s an iconic movie; I don’t care what you think. Honestly, I believe this movie is the source for all of Keanu’s hating, and it’s also the source of the famous ‘Whoa’ (at least the first one). Their Excellent Adventure taught history a lesson, and taught viewers the power of music. WILD STALLIONS!


  1. Interesting title...

    I'm a Keanu fan. He gets bagged on mostly because it appears that he has no range, but it's just his voice, really. I mean, I wouldn't make an argument for him being a great actor, but he's certainly better than he gets credit for.

    Point Break would be #1 for me. I seriously love that movie, even though I admit that the "I am an Eff Bee Eye!! Agent line" is pretty damn laughable.

  2. amen brotha...amen.

    I thought he was great in Street Kings...

  3. I admit that I agree with all 5 of your reasonings, and yet I still feel the need to hate on the guy. Mob mentality I guess.

  4. I'd put I Love You to Death up on the list as well.

    I think Keanu Reeves is so good as the dim-witted hit man wannabe in that film that (in addition to his roles in Bill and Ted) Reeves simply has an innate talent for acting as a doofus and that's colored people's expectations of him throughout his career.

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