R2D2... The One With Summer Movies.

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought I could waste a space here by telling everybody my thoughts on the upcoming summer movie season.

-I have a ticket to go see Indiana Jones tomorrow. I could have gone to see it tonight at midnight, but I didn't feel like going then. I'm not super amped about this one, but it should be fun.

-M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening looks crazy. I can't wait for that one. Have you seen the Red Band trailer? It's gonna be a lot more intense/crazy than people who just see the normal trailer will think. Not to mention the movie is supposed to be one of his best since The Sixth Sense. Though I also heard there's no twist ending... which is fine, I suppose.

-The Incredible Hulk. I haven't made up my mind on this one. I actually fell asleep (in the middle of the day) watching the first one. And I know this is a start-over, much like Batman Begins, and it does look fifty times better. Plus, it's Edward Norton, and he's awesome. It'll be a fun one, I think.

-Get Smart looks pretty funny, and you can almost never go wrong with Steve Carrell.

-Wall-E didn't have me incredibly excited until the full-length trailer came out, and now I'm acting like an excited little schoolgirl about it. It just looks so cute and... and stuff.

-Wanted. Awesome.

-Hancock. Even more awesome.

-Hellboy II. A little less awesome, but still exciting.

-Meet Dave. WTF.

-The Dark Knight. The most awesome (and I can't wait to see Heath Ledger's Joker. The poor guy is gonna get judged so much now on that role because of his death).

-Step Brothers. I'm getting pretty tired of Will Ferrell. He needs to make more movies like Stranger Than Fiction.

-The X-Files: I Want To Believe
. Um... don't care.

-The Mummy 3... I'm not sure what to make of this quite yet. Brenden Frasier is always fun to watch, and the first two Mummy movies were great. But this one might suffer from SequeLItus. As in, sequels with Jet Li (especially ones that don't typically have super-martial arts). Lethal Weapon 4, anyone? It seems like it could be good... but on the other hand, it doesn't look to be as dark as the first two. It looks more kid-friendly camp.

-Pineapple Express. An action movie with stoners... made by Judd Apatow. Sounds fun.

-The Sisterhood of the Tra... I'm not even going to bother.

-Star Wars: The Clone Wars. What the hell kind of animation is that? It looks like they made it with Nintendo 64 graphics. The Family Guy Star Wars had better animation. Not to mention that this movie is based on a Cartoon Network miniseries... and it's only being made to issue in a Cartoon Network full series. So a movie based on a TV show to spin off a TV show. Uh huh.

-Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey Jr. as a black guy. I'm there. (Not to mention this movie is probably going to triple in what its views probably would have been due to RDJ's success with Iron Man).

-Bangkok Dangerous. Fletch is so there.

-Babylon A.D. Not sure yet.

-Vicky Cristina Barcelona. On the one hand, it's Woody Allen (who bored me through Match Point). On the other hand, it's Scarlett Johansson making out with Penelope Cruz. I think I'll just skip the movie and download the scene.

And that's it! I think that's my longest edition of R2D2 thus far. w00t.

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  1. Wanted. Awesome.

    Really? I think this looks like overcooked garbage. Bending bullet arcs? Really? What's next - bouncing bullets?

    Hancock looks like fun, but not terrific. Jason Bateman's inclusion ought to help.

    Nic Cage, you rock my world, tough guy.

    Good call on the Mummy/martial arts sequel business. I've just about had it with martial arts in movies. Really? That many people in the world are martial arts experts?


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