Unrelated to Movies: Another Finished Book.

I posted this over at my newer book blog, The Missing Page, but I felt since I shared last time here, I could share here again, as well.

So I started working on this at the end of the last year (I actually stopped writing this one to write the one I linked to above). But then I picked this back up a little over a month ago due to a co-worker's demanding nature that I write more. So I've been working diligently on it every week since. And it's finally finished! And not only is it my longest first draft ever, it's my longest book thus far (according to word count, and not by a super lot, but still the longest)... so that's pretty cool. And now... for the moment maybe a couple people have been waiting for...

Page Count: 350.
Word Count (according to WORD): 73,934.
Chapters: 27 (plus a prologue and an epilogue).

Title: Some Kind Of Real.

Story synopsis (with help from previously mentioned co-worker):

When 12-year-old Alabama Turnkey meets the magic mirror from fairy tale legend, he doesn't know what to make of the fact that the mirror is real and can talk to him, or of the cat-like woman staring back at him. Calico, as she's called, warns Al that his life is in danger and promises to come to his aid. Al thinks he's dreaming until a fight with the Big Bad Wolf, and he soon learns that fairy tales are real and that The Man With No Name, The Wolf, and others are after him and a book known as The Book of Tales. The owner of The Book of Tales would wield awesome power: whatever is written into the book will come to life.

Al is swept into the battle to protect The Book of Tales and is joined by his new friend Calico; his sister, 16-year-old Georgia; Calico's partner, Avalon; and Clover Lane, a girl who makes everyone around her lucky. Together, this mismatched group must travel the world, seeking the guardians of The Book of Tales, in hopes of obtaining the book before it falls into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, even for fairy tales, not everything has a happily ever after.

So yeah, there it is. It's awesome, I tell you. It's young adult fantasy (obviously), which ranks my novels up to 2 adult, 2 young adult. And a random fun fact of information for this book? Georgia wasn't even one of my original characters when I started out. And when I wrote her in, she was just going to be minor. By the end of the book, she had become not only one of my favorite characters, but one of the most important characters. Funny how stuff like that happens.

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