Tomorrow's my birthday (turning the boring ol' age of 23). But the real question is... what to go see?! It's time for Pre-Emptive Strike Thursday!


Fired Up!

Pre-Thoughts: A comedy about two football players who go to cheerleader camp instead to pick up chicks. I'm not really excited, honestly. Though I'm not sure anybody else is, either. It's like if Bring It On were a buddy comedy. Let me reiterate... my main comparison here was Bring It On.

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.

Title: Medea Goes To Jail.

Pre-Thoughts: Is Tyler Perry the Jim Varney for (cross-dressing) black people or what? I've never really got swept up into the Tyler Perry craze, and I think the guy is mostly overrated. He comes out with about 472.5 movies a year, none of which ever seem that outstanding. And as for this particular one, not even the trailer could figure out what the movie wanted to be. It was all over the place, and Medea seemed like an afterthought just to get his cash-cow character into the film... kinda like how the script for Spider-Man 3 was already written, and then studios wanted to put Venom in to get more money from fans.

The Zed Word

Title: The Reader.

Pre-Thoughts: Finally coming to my town, the weekend of the Oscars. I would have much preferred Milk, but I guess this will do. It's not made me very excited, especially after only so-so reviews... but I wanna get in as many Oscar movies I can before the big event. So I guess that means I'm going to see a depressing holocaust film for my birthday. Talk about cause for celebration.


I Am McLovin!


  1. Happy Birthday, Nick!

    I'd skip all those flicks. The Reader would be the only I'd eventually watch, but it looks to blah for theater viewing.

    I'm going anti-Oscar this weekend and having a screening of the original Grindhouse (both original films with faux trailers) at my house. Can't wait.

  2. I still can't believe Milk hasn't come out yet where you live. Happy Birthday.

  3. Actually I am seeing Milk tomorrow because it finally came to theaters by me and I want to see it before the Oscars. Fired Up looks too stupid, and I like Bring it On.

    Happy bday, live it up.

  4. happy birthday! mine's coming up this week, too!

    I actually liked The Reader more than I thought I would, based on reviews and such. It's just a really interesting premise, I think.

    I hope you manage to have some sort of enjoyable filmgoing experience!


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