R2D2... The One With Me.

I haven't done an R2D2 in a while, and I have a few random personal announcements... so here we are.

- Two weeks ago now, I finally got my diploma in the mail. I guess I officially know English, grammar, writing, and Literature (as opposed to before I got the bit of paper, where I hadn't officially known any of that stuff).

- This past week, my Teacher's Certification came in the mail. So now I can officially take all the aforementioned knowledge that I now officially know and pass it on to other, younger people who don't really care to know it in the first place.

- Regardless of knowing all that stuff and being qualified to pass it on, I still can't find a bloody job. I think I'm cursed or something, because every time I put in an application with a school district that has an open position, the position is almost immediately filled by somebody else. The shortest turn-around has been a few hours, and the longest has been about a week.

- A couple weeks ago (the last full week in January, I believe), I finished another novel. For the past three years now (this one being the third), I've written the first draft of a novel within the month of January. The one I finished last month is actually a sequel to a book I wrote last year, The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale (formerly known as Some Kind Of Real). This one is called A Beautiful Melody. Here's the synopsis:

It's been three years, and Georgia is finally returning to her hometown of Hunchly, Texas after a lengthy book tour for her bestselling hit, The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale. But when Resistance Alchemists Marty and Fitz show up in Hunchly to arrest her, Georgia realizes that telling the truth, the complete truth, about the Book of Tales may have been a mistake. She's charged with violence against the Resistance, and they have nearly two dozen witnesses to back it up. And what's worse, they say that Georgia had also declared she would use the mysterious and frightening Fancy War Doctrines.

But Georgia's never heard of the Fancy War Doctrines. Lina, the leader of the Resistance, entrusted the Doctrines to a spy more than a hundred years ago, and no one but she knows who it is. With Lina in a coma as a result of the attack, Resistance Agent Felicia will stop at nothing to make sure Georgia stays in her custody. Fortunately for Georgia, nothing can stop her brother Al from getting his sister out of custody. He teams up with Li and Leah, two renegade Alchemists, to save his sister. Once reunited, the brother and sister team revisit old friends and make new ones as they try to find the spy, find the Doctrines, prove Georgia's innocence, and stop whoever is framing her before it's too late.

Anywho, that's all for now!

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  1. "I think I'm cursed or something"

    No, I think you're just entering the job market at a terrible time. Nonetheless, congrats on getting it all in order.


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