Thoughts On Deadpool Spin-off.

Coat-tailing on the announcement that there is going to be a Deadpool spin-off, I wanted to do a post on exactly how this movie could work. The biggest concern is that, although they did him well as Wade at the beginning of Wolverine, they nearly destroyed the character as Deadpool toward the end, making him basically nothing like the original character. However, a strict reboot would be difficult, considering that Deadpool's origins do correlate with those of Wolverine, seeing they were both involved with the Weapon X program and that Deadpool does actually receive Wolverine's healing ability.

So in order to give him his own movie, I feel the following list is probably the only way it could be done well (key word there is 'well'):

1) Do a reboot, but use footage from Wolverine as they work together in the Weapon X program.
2) Do a reboot, but in the vein of The Incredible Hulk, where it's not exactly an origin story, but still incorporates the origin in brief flashbacks and discussions.
3) Do a reboot and bring in Hugh Jackman as a cameo.
4) Do a reboot... and since Deadpool is known for breaking the fourth wall anyway, have him talk to the audience at the very beginning about how they screwed him up at the end of Wolverine and they're just changing a few things around to get him right.
5) Mix number 4 with any of the others (in fact, a mix of numbers 2 and 4 might be the absolute best decision).
6) Make the movie at least 2 hours long... almost no superhero movie has ever been done well that isn't at least 2 hours long.
7) Give the property rights to anybody else but FOX (though this removes option 1).

Thoughts? Other suggestions?


  1. Can't they just say that the whole dying (or nearly dying, whichever you call it) destroyed the whole control thing?

  2. Oh, and got rid of all those extra powers, obviously.

  3. The biggest issue there is that people would complain "if it got rid of all his other powers, why does he still have the healing ability?"

  4. Answer: Because he's deadpool. Say the... Ah! Say that the regeneration became so powerful that it removed other abberations to his DNA, including the other powers!

  5. Quite simply, the best solution is to not. make. this. movie.

    I love deadpool, but he does not need his own movie. If they can't even get him right in a bit part, how can I trust someone to devote a whole movie to him?


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