TV Review: The Venture Bros. - Season Two.

Warning: Spoilers (for last season and partially this season) follow.


Season Two picks up almost right where Season One left off. Dr. Orpheus feels regret for being responsible for the deaths of Dean and Hank, while Dr. Rusty Venture and Brock don’t seem all that fretful. Turns out it’s because Dean and Hank have died numerous times before, and they have clones at the ready. Meanwhile, The Monarch is still in prison while Dr. Girlfriend is with Phantom Limb. And Jonas Venture, Dr. Venture’s brother that had been living inside of him his whole life until recently, is proving himself more successful than his brother, much to Rusty’s chagrin.

This season is much more coherent than the first. The main plot is easier to see, and every episode doesn’t always seem to be completely random and disconnected. Also, a lot of the random episodes that never really came back in any important fashion in the last season come back in said important fashion in this season. This season really focuses on everybody trying to set everything right again and get back to normal. The Monarch must escape prison and reclaim Dr. Girlfriend from Phantom Limb, while the Venture family (including Brock) gets back to their normal routine.

What I liked about this season was its focus on some of the smaller characters, such as Dr. Orpheus, Billy Quizboy, Pete White, and Henchmen 21 and 24. There were also more hints at Brock’s past, including his relationship with Russian femme fatale, Molotov Cocktease. Besides the obvious love of Dr. Orpheus, I particularly liked the Henchmen 21 and 24 stuff, as they are a great comedy duo.

As usual, there’s not a whole lot to say. This season really was vastly better than the previous (not to say that the previous was bad… I just enjoyed this one a lot more). And I really think that had to do with it being clearer what the creators were aiming for and having that cohesion. The uber-violence from Brock and the sex jokes are still there in all its glory, as well. And one thing I’m noticing between this season and last is that everything prior to the finale episode(s) for each respective season, it’s a bit of randomness here and there. But then it gets to the finale, and everything really clicks together, suddenly making all the randomness make sense. Not to mention the finales thus far have kicked ass. I loved season one’s, but this season’s two-parter was epic in its own right.

There was really only one episode I didn't care for, which was the episode right before the two-part finale (the one with the Scooby Doo parody). I thought it was kinda boring and lame.

Anyway, I still recommend the show. And if you at least marginally enjoyed the first season, I really recommend the second if you haven’t already seen it, because you’ll probably (like me) enjoy it that much more.

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