Short Review: Once.

Premise: A loser who lives with his dad above a vacuum cleaner repair shop and writes songs of woe for his lost girlfriend meets a Czech immigrant. They fall in love as they sing and record songs together.

Starring: Glen Hansgard and Marketa Irglova.

My Reaction: Above average (and sometimes even beautiful) songs. The movie was very documentary-esque in its filming style, adding to more of a realism. But I'm lost as to how people call this a feel-good movie. I thought the movie was so beyond depressing that even Hot Topic emo kids would be like 'get the eff over it already'. All the songs made me want to cut myself or something. There's even a scene where everybody is having fun, throwing a frisbee on the beach, and one of the songs is playing over it, and the scene is thus made sad and depressing. The movie is basically Lost in Translation as a musical, while replacing Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson with unknowns. Seriously, I saw so many parallels it was ridiculous. Both characters are in other pseudo-relationships that they want to make work, yet they fall in love with each other by hanging out around town. There's even a part where one of them tells the other something, and the audience (unless you speak Czech) has no idea what they said. Also, I actually had to watch this movie with subtitles. The movie was in English, and I needed subtitles. I could hardly understand a word that was said in this movie (mostly from the female lead, though). It also drags a bit (probably because it takes itself too seriously)--the movie isn't even 90 minutes, and by the time it was over, I felt I'd been watching for two hours. Overall a beautiful movie, but probably not one I'd watch again. Though I might listen to the main song of the film (the one that won the Oscar), as that's a very good song and did deserve that Oscar.

I Am McLovin!


  1. Watch it in 10 years, then tell me what you think, youngin'.

  2. I hated that movie. Did not get it at all. Very depressing. One of those art films that cool people feel they can't dislike.

  3. Hi,
    Final Destination 2 was a great sequel. It took much of the best features of the first film and cranked it up a notch or two.


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