LAMBcast: The LAMB Podcast... With Me!

Yeah, that's right. I'm on a podcast. I was supposed to be on the first episode, but they held the recording on a Sunday night/Monday morning, so I couldn't make it. However, I'm on the second episode, and I hope to be a regular from this point on. Others that are on:

* Dylan AKA Fletch of Blog Cabins,
* Tom Clift of Plus Trailers,
* Mike Mendez of 
Big Mike's Movie Blog, and
* Paul Rodgers of 
Careful with that Blog, Eugene

We talk about a plethora of topics, from the Top 10 Best Film picks to how horrible of movie fans everybody is (except Mike, though he hasn't seen a single Nightmare on Elm Street, so pshaw). We play a game... it's a fun time.

Other sites named on the show:

You can listen to it in the sidebar, or you can go to iTunes and search for LAMBcast. The second episode is around 50 minutes long, longer than the first (which was only around 35). But it's well worth it. So go check it out! Leave comments. Let us know what you think.

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  1. I cannot believe I am constantly being called out for not seeing a Nightmare movie instead of being praised for seeing more than ONE Wilder film. :)


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