I finally got around to seeing this movie... but because pretty much everything you really cared to know has been said about it already (and partly because I'm about as lazy as the people in the movie), I'm not gonna do a full review. Instead, I'll just pretend that I'm a surrogate for one of the "Haiku Review" blogs out there. If you want a review in one line, it would be: "I should have gone with my gut and seen Zombieland again." Otherwise, here's a review in 5-7-5:

Acting was awkward
It was too predictable
Good idea, bad script

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.

(P.S. And anyone else totally confused by the entirety of the third act?)


  1. Spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen it yet.

    I was first confused by how the black detective guy suddenly became the bad guy. Or maybe I just missed something. I thought the Radha Mitchell surrogate was just playing him, but it turned out the dude really was a bad guy, and I felt totally disoriented mixed with an overwhelming underwhelmedness (if that makes sense).

    Then I was confused as to why, if they were attempting to stop everybody and their surrogates from dying, how when Willis changed his mind and decided to go through with it, the regular people were fine. I mean, the surrogates were destroyed, but why weren't the people? Or did I miss something there, too?

    I also had a tough time believing Willis would hit 'No' instead of 'Yes'. I understand he wanted to be with his wife, etc., but after scrambling to stop people from dying, I don't see why he'd hit 'No' in those last seconds instead. It just didn't flow well to me.

  2. Oh, and by 'playing him,' I meant that she (or he, since the surrogate was somebody else at this point) was tricking Willis into believing his superior was bad in order to take him down and get him out of the way.

  3. Ok, I have to admit...most of those things you mentioned bothered me, too, especially the last one about Willis hitting No. Sure, he wasn't happy with his relationship and all that, but who the hell is he to make that decision for the rest of humanity, and what's to say that what he did would actually change anything long-term. Sure, he might've killed all of the surrogates right then and there, but it's obvious that the rest of the world (minus the hippie people) didn't seem to mind the way the world was going, so there's no reason to think that they wouldn't just rebuild all of their surrogates and start over. So basically, all he did was cost everybody a ton of money. He wouldn't be a hero, he'd be hated.

    As for why it didn't kill them, I think that's because the tech guy was able to help him override "the kill switch," instead making it just so that the surrogates turned off. And the boss guy being bad? It was a little fast, but it made sense in the end. He seemed an odd candidate to be the bad guy (you'd think it would have been someone that worked for the surrogate producing company), but he just wanted to stop Cromwell from killing everyone as well, so he tried to take out Cromwell.


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