Film Production Diary: Day 1.

Well, filming has officially started on my film.

... and it's officially already behind schedule and going rough.

What we were meant to record: Scenes 6.2, 8, and 16.
What we actually recorded: Scenes 6.2 and part of 8.

Most of the issues stemmed from the fact that none of my actors knew any of their lines. Nobody was taking it seriously. We had to write lines down on cue cards/white boards, which took a ton of time. Because of this, a lot of the times on these scenes had them looking to the side to read the cards.

On top of all that, I kept having other of my students (and some not my students) coming up and interrupting. Then there were bouts of giggles. There was no understanding of 'quiet on the set'. There was too much joking around and not enough seriousness. And then, right when this one kid's scene was coming up, he had to leave... so I had to shoot the scene without him and I'll have to edit him in later (hence 'part of 8'). We were also rushing because, even though I said it a million times (AND it was on the permission form), this one girl had no idea she had to stay after school until this afternoon, right before we were supposed to film. But she ended up skipping her bus and going home with a friend.

It's just craziness. And this was just day one! We have an hour and a half to film stuff, and that so can't happen with them all not knowing their lines and whatever.

I so hope I can be a master wizard editor extraordinaire and get it to work. Though I think either way, my first movie is *so* Ed Wood. And I don't mean the Tim Burton film.

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  1. Haha...I wonder who is getting the education here, them or you?


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