R2D2... The One With A Teacher Moment.

Just sharing... I had a "teacher moment" today. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm making a movie with my students. Well, today was auditions.

There's this one student in my last class who wasn't gonna do acting, but was just gonna settle for working in "lighting and sound." He was in a down mood by my class, too. But then I went out into the hall to audition with a girl, and he came out with us. So while we were out there, I had him read the lead role opposite the girl so I could just stand back and listen/watch.

He ended up out-performing everybody else that day combined. He was fantastic, practically just how I had pictured the dialogue in my head as I was typing it up. I gave him a parental consent form and told him to get it signed, because he was going to be the lead role.

Needless to say, he went from a bad mood to a great day in minutes. He started talking about how he wanted to get into more acting stuff, how I boosted his confidence, and how he wants to be the next George Clooney :P . It was great.

On a side-note, while it was no "O Captain, My Captain," I did stand on a desk today, but then I fell over and hurt my shin.

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