Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #12.2: The Top 4 (Results).

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

Time for the results show. You know, 55 minutes of unnecessary performances and 5 minutes of results. With Big Mike being the only person to get a "Contestants" shirt last night after an "Artist" shirt, I'm pretty much thinking he's gonna go home. Him and Casey in the bottom with Big Mike finally saying adieu.

8:00: Awkward almost-over-dramatic intro.

8:01: No real "This... is American Idol!" Oh well. So who is performing tonight? Bon Jovi... Fantasia... Daughtry. I really only care about one of those, and it ain't Fantasia (who gave such a stupid, painfully awful performance a season or two ago... I can't stand her).

8:03: And, of course, they start the show with her. Ow. My ears. Fantasia's voice hurts my ears. I've never understood the love for her. To me, she's God-awful. And I'm not exaggerating. I think she's freakin' terrible and insanely grating. I want to stab pencils into my ears right now, no lie. I've never wanted to scream "Shut the Fuck Up!" at my TV before... I'm just gonna turn the volume down. Sorry, I can't listen to this.

8:07: Did she just say "This album is much soul"? And then "I've done stuff with Mariah Kelly"? Did Mariah Carey and R. Kelly merge together?

8:11: OMG! The Ford Music Video! Who's excited? I know I'm not!

8:13: They're showing clips of previous Top 3 contestants going back to their hometowns to get parades and stuff... I'm assuming to rub in the fact that whoever goes home tonight doesn't get a parade (or a key to the city). And probably because they don't have enough stuff for this season to fill an hour, so they show footage from previous seasons.

8:16: Love Casey. In asking what Casey would like if he were to go back home, one of the things he says is "To hear a bunch of people say y'all would be nice." That's great. Then again, I think it's weird when people don't say y'all.

8:17: Getting to some results. Everybody stands up. He talks to Big Mike and Casey first. Then Lee and Crystal. And...

8:19: Casey is safe and in the Top 3. I guess Big Mike's going home. But... is there gonna be a Bottom 2? If so, who is in it with Mike?

8:24: Daughtry is performing now. One of the most popular contestants never to win. I actually enjoy Daughtry. I mean, I don't go out of my way to listen to him, but if he comes on the radio or something, I don't change the station.

8:34: Back with more results! Big Mike! This scares me... He better not follow this up with "You're safe" and/or "you're in the Top 3." Those would be the most painful and disappointing words this season.

8:35: Whew... going to Lee now. You know, it's kind of annoying when they ask him questions, because they make it sound like they're ending sentences with awkward adverbs.

8:36: Moving on to Crystal. And I have to say, I love her penguin shirt. The next person safe is...

8:37: Lee! I got scared there for a sec, because Ryan started back to Big Mike again. But then he was like "Hang tight for a minute."

8:42: And we're back with another performance... Bon Jovi. Time to go back to ignoring stuff (nothing against Bon Jovi... I just usually ignore the performances regardless unless they're interesting, and Bon Jovi doesn't really interest me).

8:52: Back to the results. The person in the Top 3 with Lee and Casey is...

8:53: Crystal. No brainer there. Big Mike's going home... again, called that.

8:54: The Goodbye Video. Get to see more of his baby stuff... and his save... and him picking people up... and all that stuff.

8:56: The Goodbye Song. And he's just going for what he sang last night. I suppose Willy has been Freed? (buh dum psh).

Final Thoughts: Not really at all surprised by tonight. It's down to the Top 3 of Casey, Lee, and Crystal. Casey will go next week, and it'll be the Final 2 of Lee and Crystal, with really either up to win it. For once, I would be happy with either one of them winning. But I'm getting ahead of myself. So I'll see y'all next week!

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