Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #14.2: The Final 2 (Finale Results).

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

I want to apologize if this final Idol Chatter seems less detailed or that I'm a bit distracted, because I'm going to be simultaneously editing my Romeo and Juliet movie that my students and I finally finished today. But I'll try to keep the quality up for all 1 of you that actually reads this. And why shouldn't I? It's the finale! So let's get to it...

7:00: Wow, really? Lee and Crystal both auditioned in Chicago. Pretty cool. AND they just showed a clip of them both at the auditions. They both sat like... 2 chairs away from each other in the waiting room (like, Lee--person--Crystal). How serendipitous. It's almost like LOST...

7:01: "This... is American Idol!" If last night's performances mean anything, Crystal has this in the bag. But Lee has a huge fan base. But I actually think I'm rooting for a Crystal win, just so we have something a bit different to toss into the winner's circle. Not to mention her "winner song" is better anyway.

7:03: Lee seemed to have a bigger applause. And there's Randy with another weird suit-and-tie. Aw... Simon on his very last night of Idol. Oh well.

7:04: Interesting... they're (Crystal/Lee) in school girl/boy outfits.

7:05: The Top 12 are all singing together. Well, that makes sense now. They're singing "School's Out For Summer." I wish... a few more days. To quote Usher, "OMG." I just saw Siobhan in a school girl outfit. I think that about makes this the best finale ever just for that. Oh, and hey, Alice Cooper!

7:12: Here's Kris Allen, last year's surprise winner. I figured he would be singing the song that plays all the time on the radio (which I actually really like). This one's not all that bad, though.

7:15: Now a Tribute to Simon! That was funny.

7:18: Now Siobhan is singing!... with Aaron. Bleh. Way to ruin something good. It's actually not all that bad. And now the original singers of this song comes out (the Bee Gees). And they're incredibly nasally. Well, the one of them that's singing is. The other one just seems to be lip syncing to, well, nothing. It's like he's lip syncing to the other guy standing right next to him. It's almost humorous.

7:26: Big Mike's singing now.

7:28: And now Dane Cook is performing a song set to Simon's greatest insults (actually, the song is completely his insults). Haha... great Abe Lincoln joke. Hey! It's the "I Am Your Brother!" guy!

7:34: Lacey's up singing "Beautiful" with... that other girl whose name I don't remember. The girl whose last name sounded like Panini. Oh, and there's Katie... Hell, it's just the Top 6 girls. And there's Christina Aguilera.

7:42: And now Ricky Gervais is on via Satellite. He's funny.

7:47: Now Lee's singing... with the other Top 6 Guys.

7:53: And now Crystal is performing. (I know, I know... terse comments). And she's singing Alanis' "Ironic." I used this song to teach my students about irony... because nothing in the song is actually ironic. And speaking of Alanis...

8:01: And now Carrie Underwood is performing.

8:04: And now Lee and Crystal are gonna get some surprise cars. And now the last Ford Music Video.

8:07: And Casey is performing.

8:14: Here's a "Medley of Hits" from Chicago (the band) with Lee.

8:18: Another Simon video.

8:21: Hell yeah! Pants on the Ground! I almost forgot all about this. Epic! William Hung comes in for the "feat"!

8:28: And another Simon video. And Paula's back! I wasn't sure if Paula was gonna cuss him out or say nice things. That was really kinda awkward.

8:35: This is pretty cool. All the past winners are coming together to sing. Where's David Cook, though? Oh, that's cool. A bunch of other past contestants.

8:44: The Top 12 are singing.

8:55: Lee and Crystal sing with Joe Cocker.

9:01: And now it's time for the winner! The winner of American Idol 2010 is...

9:02: Lee! Despite Crystal doing better last night, I completely saw this coming. And I'm happy either way. This was a true underdog story, and Lee did deserve to win (but I think they both did, really).

9:05: Poor Lee. He can hardly get through the song from crying.

Final Thoughts: Decent season overall. It wasn't the best I've seen, and the contestants were pretty lame on the whole (a few notable exceptions, obviously). But I'm satisfied with the results. I would have been happy with either Crystal or Lee winning, for different reasons for both. So... yeah! That's it for now. If I decide to do this again next season (if I even watch next season... no Simon...)... I guess I'd see y'all then!

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