R2D2... The One With A New Layout.

You might have noticed over the last couple days that the site looks a bit different. Well, that's because I gave it a make-over!

Taking into consideration everything that was told to me in a previous LAMBCast where the participants blustered my blog, telling me what was wrong with it, I made some fixes.

Of note, there is no more "About Me" section; the LAMB section is higher up for visitor viewing; the rating system pictures are no longer "stretched"; and there are some header differences.

Among the header differences is, well, the header itself. This wasn't blustered, but I felt it needed a change due to the change in background color (which WAS blustered)... and I added a tagline. Also changed were the "Page" links under the header. I changed them into buttons rather than having them as text links. I also took out 2 of them (the two where I kept a list of books and movies I owned, as I never updated them). And then I added 2 new ones: The Vlog (where I put descriptions and links to my Vlog episodes) and The LAMBCast, where I keep the embedded player of the podcast I frequent on a near-weekly basis.

Other changes are rather minute, but there are some others. I'll let you find them on your own. Anywho, I just felt like sharing, despite you probably having noticed by now. I hope you like it! Leave me comments on what you think below.


  1. Looking sharp, bud. Of course, I'd seen and talked to you about just about everything, but I wanted to say that I'm digging the final header with the matching color. Looks great!

    Also, feel free to take additional ownership of the LAMBcast. You're essentially the co-host as is...if you got ideas for changes or additions or subtractions or whatnot, let me know.

  2. I agree - it's actually a big step just from what we were talking about on Saturday. Very sharp with just the two-tone, and you know I love blue. I like the 2 sidebars - keeps it interesting but not too cluttered. Nice header too.

  3. Looking good! Much easier to navigate. And I just love the rounded corners look.

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  5. FYI
    I turned the Facebook, 15 Directors thing into a blogging meme, and I tagged you! Take part. It'll be fun!

  6. Ohh, I like it a lot. Makes your content feel a bit more organized and finally the pictures aren't stretched! Rejoice!

  7. It is a great lay out nick ... though, i doubt it will assist someone withy thier disertation ... despite what SOME commenters say! ha ha!


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