R2D2... The One With Podcasts.

Hey guys! Remember, no Vlog again until December (when Season Two will premier). So in its place for today, I'm giving you more of me in other ways! I've recently been guest hosting on a bunch of podcasts lately, and I figured I'd let y'all in on 'em now that they're all officially out (OK, so 2 have been out for about a week, but the third just came out today).

1) Reel Insight - Episode 19.

I've been trying to get on this show since it started. Headed up by Rachel of Rachel's Reel Reviews and Jess from Insight into Entertainment, Reel Insight is a fantastic podcast where they focus on a celebrity's career every week. There is also movie talk and TV talk, as well... and, of course, the Quotable Quotes game, which is how I was finally able to get on. For this episode, we discussed one Ryan Reynolds.

2) Lair of the Unwanted - Episode 10.

This podcast is the brain child of Jason Soto of Invasion of the B Movies and Nolahn of Bargain Bin Review. Basically, they take a theme every month (as it's a monthly show), a couple bad movies from that theme, and discuss. For this episode, they had me on for some zombie talk... specifically, Zombie Strippers and Zombies Zombies Zombies. I thought it was great that I got to be in on their monumental 10th episode. It was a fun time (as were all the other podcasts, too).

3) MILFCast - Episode 9.

The Man, I Love Films Podcast is headed up by Kai of The List and his irregular c0-host Heather of Movie Mobsters. We had a fun time talking about what we've watched lately, playing Kai's Always Right, and wrapping it up with The Game. But, of course, we also got into why I was invited on in the first place--to have a nice discussion on whether or not the Infected in 28 Days Later... are zombies. Enjoy!

Final Note: These aren't the final podcasts I'll be guesting on as of late. Coming up in November, I believe I'm scheduled to guest on The MatineeCast, the podcast for Mad Hatter's Dark of the Matinee. I'll keep y'all updated. But as for now, enjoy these!


  1. Thanks for putting us first!!! We were happy to have you.

  2. Yep, thanks for being our first QQ winner.

    I just listened to the MILFCast episode and of course loved the shout out to my stripping;)

  3. You were great Nich... what did you think of the new music? That was a surprise after we finished recording.
    @Rach: I will give you a shot out if and only if I can play. Jess... same goes for you! Snootchie Bootchie!

  4. You sure can, Kai. I just have to remember the rules of the game. Or make up new ones.

  5. Coming up in November, I believe I'm scheduled to guest on The Matineecast..."

    Geez man - spoilers much??

  6. Sorry! I didn't know it was a secret! My bad.


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