Unrelated To Movies: New Novel.

That's right, I finished yet another novel. It's just the first draft, and it happens to be the shortest of my novels thus far (clocking in at just under 61,000 words). I'm hoping to flesh it out in later drafts, of course. But as for now, here's some info:


Detective Paul Wilson is curious when blood-soaked Aidyn Cassidy shows up at the police station and requests to see him--especially since he has no idea who she is. While she tells her story, Paul is faced with unnatural occurrences and strange visions, forcing him to question not only his own sanity, but the validity of Aidyn's story. And her story isn't that easy to swallow.

Aidyn, at 16, does not get along with her parents. Fed up with Aidyn's attitude, they set up a weekend getaway for the family, including Aidyn's two siblings, in the form of a camping trip, grasping at the hopes of familial bonding. However, the family is soon forced down into an old, nearby bomb shelter for safety after an unseen enemy attacks. Now stuck in the dark shelter, the Cassidy family gradually becomes more paranoid as tempers rise and deep, dark secrets bubble to the surface. So not only must they face an unknowable enemy above, but they must also survive each other in the one place that should keep them safe.


If you'd like further information on the book, such as how it came out or maybe more information on all the major characters, you can click here and read all about it. Anywho, just felt like sharing!

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  1. Congrats, Nick, and congrats again on winning NaNo! [I was not so lucky with a sad 21,463]


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