Podcast: Reel Insight #26: Ben Foster.

Among the thousand things I did this past weekend, one of them was guesting on the Reel Insight podcast for the second time. As promised last time, I "forced" them to focus on Ben Foster this time around.

Let's just say I got a comment like "We might not let you guest ever again." (Jokingly, of course... I think.)

For some reason, they (particularly Jess) were not thrilled with this week's films. I had to defend my love for the guy while I sat around hearing about how suffering was involved and the plagues came and killed their first born sons (OK, maybe not)... though there's apparently some shared love for Justin Timberlake. It was quite a sad affair.

And that's after we finally got recording. This episode was plagued with so many problems. It took us over half an hour just to get going due to technical difficulties. Then near the very end, my internet crapped out. Then Podomatic wouldn't recognize the format for Rachel to post it up. And it was just one thing after another. But it's finally up and available... so check it out. And support me on my quest to proclaim Ben Foster's awesomeness to the world!

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